Clothing Exchange For Moms In Rural Areas Home Business Idea

Clothing Exchange

Collect, Exchange, Recycle, Consign Discarded Clothes This is a home business idea for moms in rural areas that don’t require money or experience to start a discarded clothing exchange. Ladies, this is a “rag business” that you can be proud of and its simple, easy and free! You can start this business as a result of contacting well-dressed seniors, etc. to ask for their discarded clothing to sale. Give them a compelling reason like you have X number of children to support, can’t find a job, but using this as a way to support your family (you get the idea). It doesn’t have to be seniors. Many women have clothes they discard for no other reason than they are tired of them. In that case, many other women would like to be able to exchange their clothing or allow you to sell them, which you can make 100 percent profit….

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