How To Find Affordable Rural Health Care Clinics By State

Rural Health Clinics For Low-Income Homesteaders And¬†Frontier Communities Use this certified list of affordable rural health care clinics by state for medicare and medicaid services. I have provided two resources to help low-income homesteaders and¬†rural communities find rural health care, affordable health care and health care providers. Rural¬†communities are the most sparsely populated and isolated communities in the U.S. The first resource is a map showing number of medicare certified rural health clinics, state location and total rural health clinics. The second resource is a name and address listing of rural health clinics by state. Resources: Number Of Medicare Certified Rural Health Clinics Map   You May Also Like: ¬†Medicare QMB Savings: How To Cut Your Expenses In Half About:¬†¬†I’m the author in residence of Unfortunately, I am also a person with disabilities. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I love to share what I know and practice to help…

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