The Swedish Fire Log Stove | Swedish Fire Torch | All In One Stove

Swedish Fire Log Stove
The Swedish Fire Log Stove | Swedish Fire Torch | All In One Stove

All-In-One Wood Burning Log Stove

The Swedish Fire Log Stove (or Swedish Fire Torch) is a unique DIY project because it uses only one piece of medium size wood as its fuel.

A larger log can be used to extend the burning time.

The log is cut partially with 6 splits and then set upright.

The log needs to be cut evenly and on a level surface for stability.

Tinder and kindling are added on top so that the fire can start burning down through the splits.

Eventually, the fire is self-feeding.

The flat, circular top provides a surface to place a kettle or pan for cooking, boiling liquids, etc.

It has been suggested as a better beacon than the typical campfire, in case of an emergency, but a chain saw might not be available.

Therefore, I think a burning log standing up would have the same affect.

I love this DIY idea because it is novel and thrifty.

Instead Of A Fire Pit, Use A Swedish Fire Log

Other uses include camping, survival, fireplace, and an alternative to rocket stoves, and propane fuel.

The practical possibilities are endless, and old hard wood is plentiful in rural areas.

I bet you can get a load free if you’re willing to haul it off.

Resource: How To Build And Maintain A Wood Fire

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