Survive Food Crisis:  A Profitable Online Money Niche Site

Survive Food Crisis
Survive Food Crisis:  A Profitable Online Money Niche Site

Help for Masses to Prepare to Survive a Food Crisis!

A survive food crisis affiliate website can make money on demand due to world food prices, creating a global crisis and social unrest.

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What could happen in the United States if there is a nationwide food shortage?

In the face of escalating high prices, a food shortage is inevitable, which will result in riots.

Rising domestic food prices has been a problem since 2007, but the government has swept it under the rug.

Yet, the media is quick to spotlight food crisis and riots in other countries such as Venezuela.

It could happen here, which is why Americans need to be prepared.

We are comfortable running out to the supermarket; and we quickly adjust to rising food costs—seemingly without a care.

On the other hand, many families and individuals have to rely on food pantries—while major supermarkets throw fresh food in the dumpster.

Of course, you hear the occasional gripe about the price of food, but there is no real concern or panic—yet!

However, smart Americans are quietly preparing for food shortage and the fallout that follows.

That leaves most of the population depending on their daily, weekly or monthly trip to the grocery store.

All things being equal, they may be in for a rude awakening—unless they are prepared to survive.

I think that it is just a matter of time before the United States has to deal with a food crisis.

But, when the supermarket shelves are bare, it will be too late…!

Then, they will look back and see that rising food prices and food insecurity had been years in the making.

This is a terrifying scenario, which is why more survive food crisis websites are needed.

Obviously, most people aren’t concerned about this problem, but they’ll be scrambling for information when a food crisis hit the fan.

In addition, gas prices are climbing due to hurricanes, storms and earthquakes, which dramatically affect the supply and cost of food.

I can go on and on, but the worsening economy and unemployment are also indicators that we’re headed for a food crisis.

The most telling sign, however, is that most of our food (pork, seafood, vegetables, fruit, cheese, canned foods and staples) are imported from other countries.

These are some very good indicators that survival food storage needs to become an immediate priority.

That is just a basic summary of a much greater problem.

Yet, it is enough information for you to start an authority site in this niche, and make money as a survive food crisis affiliate.

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Making money online doesn’t get any easier than a niche affiliate website.

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Survive food crisis has been popular since the early days of the Web because survival and preparedness are common with rural people.

Since the survive food crisis niche will affect all consumers, you can be certain that this is an evergreen market.

Food Crisis Market At A Glance

Families and individuals, preppers, survivalists, homemakers, and people who just enjoy saving money are all part of this niche.

These people are more than happy to spend money on quality information that will help them improve their survival food skills or learn the basics.

Main Problems To Solve In The Survive Food Crisis Niche

These consumers love new information and tips about survive food crisis.

Dishes that are cheap and can be prepared with few ingredients and/or outdoors are also popular.

Categories For This Niche Site Include:

  • Emergency Preparation
  • Emergency Kit
  • Survival Food Tips
  • Kitchen Survival Recipe Guide
  • Outdoor Kitchen Cooking Guide
  • Why Survival Food Is Critical

Articles For This Niche Site Include:

  • Why Is Survival Food Important NOW
  • How To Make A Home Earthquake Kit
  • How To Make A Bug Out/In Kit
  • Survival Food For Hikers
  • Survival Food For Outdoors Cooking
  • Home Remedies
  • Earthquake Emergency Tips
  • Backpacker Tips
  • Outdoor Cooking Methods
  • Make An Outdoor Shed To Keep Meat Cold

Recommendations For Your Survive Food Crisis Niche Site

Provide information and tips on:

  • Crisis food types
  • Storage and cooking basics
  • Specific styles and approaches to survival food gathering and storage
  • Cooking for a wide range of health, ethnic, and religious purposes are all very popular.

In addition, I recommend a cast iron cookware category on how and what to cook in these sturdy utensils.

Also, survival food fans spend time and money assembling their cast iron cookware collection for such emergencies.

Cast iron cookware can be found at flea markets and/or your Amazon affiliate shop via Native Ads.

This market could be searching for a particular cast iron cookware item that cannot be found at local flea markets.

Therefore, integrate categories that are related to the survive food crisis niche and website navigation flow.

The bottom line is that without a plan to survive food crisis and food storage, no one will survive.

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