Top 2 Ways To Survive An Economic Depression

Survive An Economic Depression
Top 2 Ways To Survive An Economic Depression

Are You Prepared To Survive The U.S. Economic Domino Effect?! #economicdepression #ruralmoney #money

Find more ways to make money because during hard times, people only buy essentials, etc. to survive an economic depression.

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There are hundreds of money-making ideas on because I have anticipated the current financial crisis for the last ten years.

In so doing, I have been following the plight of Venezuela, which leads me to believe during a recession, people become aggressive for food and things of value.

The second top way to survive an economic depression is to grow your own food.

Grow your own food because it is a key to your survival!

Become a rural or urban survivor by foraging your property, yard and even local parks.

Grow tomatoes, greens, broccoli, potatoes, corn, green beans, and water bath can it to supplement Snap Benefits, which should be used to buy canned foods for your long-term food storage.

Create More Rural Income Streams

You must be prepared by creating more income streams in addition to growing your own food to survive the next Great Depression.

Again, search this site for hundreds of money-making ideas for every age and education level.

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During hard times, it doesn’t matter what you think you know.

What matters is how prepared you are to put in place essentials you and your family need to ride out this financial crash.

In other words, whether you live in the country or city, you need to start learning how to live the “country lifestyle” to grow an edible garden, forage, can and re-can foods, create natural medicine, secure food and water storage, prepare emergency “make-do” heating and lighting…

Simple Ways To Improve Your Finances

  • Don’t pay down debt (read chapter: why the fed is crashing the economy)
  • Use the savings you have to learn how to live the country lifestyle
  • Identify ways to cut back on EVERYTHING
  • Live BELOW your means
  • Focus on the long haul (the way I did from 2006 to 2020)
  • Continue to build up your survival skills
  • Be prepared to barter in EXCHANGE for things of value (you will be amazed)

Signs The USA Is In A Bad Economy

The signs include high unemployment, near bank collapse, and economic contraction.

The fact is, the general population aren’t aware that the economy is bad.

Unfortunately, their faith is in the Federal Reserve manipulating the economy.

The U.S. currency is already digital, which is why they are using various methods to shelter themselves and you from the storm, i.e. stimulus debit card.

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Why Is The Fed Crashing The Economy?

There is too much debt, too much mal-investment, and too little honest pricing of assets and interest rates that made America vulnerable to economic contagion.

The Balance

It’s crazy; and what I know is: Most of this economic madness can be laid at the feet of central bankers at the Federal Reserve.

What Will Happen When The Economy Collapses?

When, and I don’t say “if” the U.S. economy collapses, we would likely lose access to credit.

Banks will close.

Demand will outstrip supply of food, gas, and other necessities.

When the collapse affect local governments and utilities, water and electricity might no longer be available or in limited supply.

If you heed the top 2 ways to prepare for an economic depression, you will be at a better advantage to survive than those who mock and scoff at those who prepare.