Saving Money On Your Summer Home Maintenance

Summer Home Maintenance
Saving Money On Your Summer Home Maintenance

4 Hot 🔥 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Summer!

The sunny weather can do a lot of damage to your home, but here are tips for saving money on your summer home maintenance work. 

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Owning a home is one of the most expensive things in the world.

But we all have to live somewhere, and having a mortgage to pay each month means we’re the ones in control!

However, the cost can still get on top of you, and never is that more true than when the summer rolls around.

They’re hotter than ever these days, and the sunny weather can do a lot of damage to your home.

As such, here are tips for saving money on the maintenance work you’ll need to do.

Saving Money Tips For Your Home Maintenance

Rent Your Tools/Equipment

Did you know you can rent out an entire tool box if you don’t have one yourself in the shed?

And that can save you a lot of money on trying to put together a good DIY kit!

Similarly, if you don’t want to pay for a pressure washer to use on your home’s exterior or the patio in your garden, you can rent one for half the cost for a day.

Look into local renting options like these before you put down any serious money for a maintenance expense. 

Avoid the Peak Times

Prices shoot up when the sun is out, so try to avoid callouts when heat waves are forecasted.

Peak times tend to start from late June, meaning July is never the time when you want to call in some HVAC Restoration Experts.

However, as August goes on, it’s a good idea to book that call in.

The summer is winding down at this point, meaning prices return back to normal quite quickly, and you’ll be able to fit in an appointment whenever you need one.

The rush is over and you can get some lovely AC usage for those humid days during the autumn! 

Focus on Your Insulation

The way your home is insulated can very well make or break your summer budget.

After all, if your windows and doors aren’t sealed properly, you’re just chucking money out the window when you turn the AC on!

Take a look around your home now and see if you can feel a breeze when you touch the window pane or door frame.

Plus, is there a draught coming from underneath your front door?

You’re going to want to get an excluder to put down, as well as a caulking gun for the windows.

It’s an effective and cheap DIY solution. 

Clear Gutters Regularly

Summertime can bring storms with it, especially if you live in a Southern area.

As such, you need to get out and clean off your roof and guttering regularly.

A buildup can happen easily and at any time, and that can lead to an entirely broken plumbing system that could cost thousands to repair.

And the same goes for the integrity of your roof.

If a tile slips it could cost around $100 alone to refit it. 

The summer doesn’t have to be expensive for your home.

Above all, be proactive to save the most money! 

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