Create Unique Storage Solutions With Flea Market Finds

Use Your Creativity For Storage Solutions

One of the main reasons you end up with clutter in your homestead is probably because you have run out of storage solutions for the things you own.

There are things you do not want to let go of, but you have no place to put them.

Keep reading to learn how to create unique storage solutions.

You may be tempted to let things pile up for the lack of additional storage space.

Instead, go to flea markets to look around for unique wooden boxes, etc.

This will solve three problems:

  • Save money
  • Get a new item
  • Find a place to store things.

Make a list of the items you need to store before you go flea market shopping.

Most likely there will be a variety of things.

Some will be big or bulky like clothing or stuffed toys.

Others will be smaller and easier to store.

Sort the items by size and kind so you can store like items together.

Glass Mason jars are a great item to store smaller items.

Placing buttons in and putting them on a shelf near your sewing area is a great way to store buttons and have something nice to look at.

Having the buttons in the glass jars also help you find the right button the next time you need one.

Let’s face it—nuts, bolts, nails and screws are simply junk in a drawer.

How To Create Unique Storage Solutions

You can use the same idea as with the buttons to store other small items.

Place the jars on a shelf to organize small items and keep them handy.

Most flea markets have wooden boxes, barrels  and other containers.

Rather than passing up these the containers, think outside the box for new storage solutions.

Use the wooden boxes to store magazines, instruction manuals or warranty information.

Larger boxes and old suitcases are all the better for more storage space.

Store items in the suitcases and stack them next to the couch or chair to use as an end table.

No one ever needs to be the wiser.

Paint an old dresser or shelving unit to breathe new life into it for storage.

Boxes and drawers can be painted and mounted on the walls for use as a display unit.

If you do not enjoy painting, you can also glue nice fabric to the wood or staple it to keep it in place.

One of these ideas would be good for a children’s room.

You may also want to keep old baskets rather than throwing them out, I do.

Wash them off, give them a coat of paint to coordinate with a room.

This is a great idea for bathrooms.

Roll washcloths or towels up and place them in a basket for easy reach.

Do you know that you can use old ice cube trays as storage solutions?

You can also use the trays to store earrings or other jewelry items in a fun way.

Think of other small items that you can put in an ice cube tray.

Then you have ready-made storage from something you got a flea market.

The goal with organization and storage is to keep things that you want to keep out of the way.

Try to think outside of the box to come up with new ways to repurpose items you find at flea markets.

You can use these ideas to ignite your own creativity to create unique storage solutions with flea market finds.

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