How To Start Your Own Sales Business Online And Offline

Start Your Own Sales Business
How To Start Your Own Sales Business Online And Offline

Have Other People Selling Your Merchandise So Your Income Can Skyrocket!

Start a sales business whether your product is a book, novelty item, clothing or whatever and expand fast with a small sales force.

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Recruit salespeople to sell for you on commission.

The beauty of this plan is that you only pay them when they make a sale.

Thus, cutting way down on your out-of-pocket expenses.

They way to go about this is by putting a simple tag line on all of your social media literature, tags, labels, ads with this ad:


At the same time, prepare a distributor letter describing how you will dropship orders to your dealer’s customers and pay them a certain commission on each sale.

Also, state the wholesale prices for quantity sales.

Include a copy of any fliers or advertisements and tell the dealers they can reproduce the circulars with their names and addresses.

The entire purpose of your letter to salespersons is to offer to supply them with whatever is needed to promote and sell your merchandise.

With 100s of people selling for you, your costs will be minimal while your sales should skyrocket.

Recruit retired seniors.

You might also consider running a small “Dealers Wanted” ad in business opportunity sections in newspapers, craigslist, etc.

“DEALERS WANTED! Outstanding new novelty sells like wildfire. Everybody wants one! Make $10 on every $15 sale. Send stamped envelope for details.”

This business can be operated both online and offline in your rural area.

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