Start An Heirloom Seed Bank For Small Homesteaders

Heirloom Seed Bank For Small Homesteaders
Start An Heirloom Seed Bank For Small Homesteaders

Who Controls The World Controls The Food!

Food preservation should be on the minds of all rural homesteaders and some should start an heirloom seed bank for small rural farmers.

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There may come a time when the only seeds available are the one’s big corporations want us to have, which are genetically modified.

There are a few heirloom seed producers, but the need demands more in view of where our future food supply is headed.

I am beginning to think the World Bank is more interested in our food than local rural farmers–who may be more interested in subsidies.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with receiving financial subsidies to scale food production.

The problem with it is relinquishing all control of what to plant, how much to plant and when to plant, which does not leave enough for the farmer to secure his own food preservation.

In my crystal ball, I can see food and water shortages in the not so distant future.

You Eat What You Sow

It behooves every rural homesteader to start saving heirloom vegetable seeds.

Moreover, more rural homesteaders need to start an heirloom seed bank for small homesteaders.

Then, each homesteader can help other homesteaders repeat the process by selling them the necessary seeds to get started.

I feel very strongly about this, which is why I also advise every rural homesteader to start buying and safely storing heirloom vegetable seeds.

Don’t just buy the types of veges and fruits your family like, but buy any and everything you can get your hands on for safe food and posterity.

The Egyptians proved that seeds can and must be stored for the survival of future generations.

There seems to be more focus on hoarding gold and silver than there is on buying heirloom seeds.

The fact is, whether there is another Great Depression, no one will use their precious gold to buy a loaf of bread!

They won’t do it!

But, the government WILL confiscate your precious metals like it did in 1933.

This was at the height of the Great Depression before WWII.

Nowadays, old wedding rings, etc. is called “scrap” and if you have too much of it for example “67 gold bars”, you’re hoarding.

So, there is nothing scrap about it.

And, homesteaders who secretly save seeds diligently are not seed-hoarders nor should they be vilified.

Start An Heirloom Seed Bank For Small Homesteaders Or Else

What excuse are state officials giving us about why we shouldn’t be using heirloom seeds?

In many rural areas, it’s already illegal to raise livestock.

Pretty soon, it may be illegal to “hoard food” (which may already be the law) in addition to heirloom vegetable and fruit seeds.

Do you see where our so-called liberties are headed?

People in rural areas have the most land, but how much of it is in production of food?

Or, do we even care where our food comes from as long as we can go to the nearest supermarket?

I won’t go in on a rant about this because I’m not trying to be philosophical.

The point is all rural homesteaders who don’t have the financial resources of well-to-do doomsday preppers ought to start an heirloom seed bank for small rural farmers.

There shouldn’t just be one seed bank in a rural area.

There should be one for every rural homestead.

That way, there will always be enough seed stashed away to help others get started and/or barter when it’s safe to do so.

Heirloom seeds could become so rare, political and illegal that you won’t know who to trust.

Which is why we need to start protecting our heirloom seed gardens from poachers and predators.

Folks, I’m not trying to frighten you because you should already be afraid in view of what is happening in Venezuela and Brazil.

South America is already out of food and money.

What makes us think we are invulnerable to another major food crisis such as the Great Depression?

I realize that many rural homesteaders are preppers, but that just isn’t enough.

Even if you think you and your family will be safe, think about your neighbors… who will be READY to start growing veggies in pots, when shit hits the fan.

By getting ahead of the emergency preparedness curve, you can start an heirloom seed bank for small homesteaders now.

If nothing happens, there will be an abundance of healthy heirloom seeds safely tucked away to continue the organic cornucopia of this planet.

There has and always will be a market for organic fruits, vegetables and flowers, which comprised the original garden.

Rural areas across the world have enough homesteaders willing and able to start an heirloom seed bank for small homesteaders.