Start A Talking Dirty Business With A Smartphone

Talking Dirty Business With A Smartphone
Start A Talking Dirty Business With A Smartphone

It’s A Dirty Job Talking Dirty, But Somebody’s Got To Do It!

Some men like to talk about their sexual fantasies with a girl on the phone, so don’t fight it; just start a talking dirty business with a cellphone.

Just accept the fact that enough of them enjoy this type of recreation that quite a few smart girls make lots of money.

One such girl with a very sexy voice started this business with small classified ads in the “Personal” column of her local newspaper.

Some sex papers are now full of such ads.

You will need a catchy name like “Phone Lover” or Voice of Passion.”

When a customer calls, she gets their credit card number and then promises to call them back.

If the credit card is okay for $35 to $50, she calls the customer back, and they have about a 15-minute conversation.

She talks to a lot of lonely, unloved people who are perhaps too shy to find a girl of their own.

The girl pretends to experience you-know-what on the phone while the customer satisfies himself.

Yes, it’s strictly for heavy breathers.

You might think it would be difficult to hire girls to do this type of work.

Not so.

  1. It’s only part-time.
  2. The customers never learn the girl’s real name or address.
  3. They never see or touch a customer, and most important, the money is very good.

Girls get about half of the fee.

Some have stead customers who call regularly.

By the way, their are apps that hide location, etc. and make you incognito.

And, it’s only illegal to talk dirty if you are bothering the person you are talking to and they complain.

That shouldn’t be a problem if they call you!?

It would be best to start working for an established service to learn how to handle phone callers.

You can probably use PayPal to take credit cards.

Talk Dirty All The Way To The Bank

One service in New York has 20 girls on its staff.

Some say they get over one hundred calls per night.

I have also heard that some men are posing as women to provide conversations because of the high earning potential.

Start Your Own Adult Line Business

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