Start A Rural Group Home And Stop Punching The Clock

Start A Rural Group Home
Start A Rural Group Home And Stop Punching The Clock

You Could Be Financially Free With 2 Group Homes!

Many of you will read this income opportunity and realize if you start a rural group home, you will have more time and financial freedom.

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Hating your deadend, thankless and underpaying job is understandable.

My friend, Andy Rotschild, was once in your exact same shoes…

  • Waking up DAILY to an alarm clock.
  • Always in a rush to “get to work on time” and then forgetting things as a result.
  • Wasting time driving through traffic to work.
  • Eating “junk food” at the local quickie-mart, which made him feel even worse.
  • Arriving home at 5,6 or 7PM realizing he had nothing in the refrigerator because he was broke after paying his FICA,FUTA,SUTA and payroll taxes (only taking home 50% of his gross pay).

Andy knew there was a MUCH better way… so he started researching group homes.

At the time, there was no GOLD COURSE or 1-ON-1 COACHING.

In fact, Andy didn’t even have the opportunity to generate social worker placement leads from a lead generation website at the time!

Fortunately, he figured it out!

Is It Time To Quit Your Job To Start A Rural Group Home?

Moreover, his first group home paid him consistently $4,000 per month, which was enough for him to QUIT his JOB!

That $4,000 per month income stream from Andy’s GROUP HOME was FREEDOM DAY for him!

The best part?

  1. He did not need a license.
  2. He did not need any experience.
  3. He didn’t need much capital ($500 for furniture and washer/dryers).
  4. He began getting GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED PAYMENTS that he could rely on!
  5. His tax bill went down substantially!

No longer was 50% of his paycheck going to taxes.

He kept 100% of it and then at end of year paid his share after all his expenses!

This post is being shared because if you feel tired, scared or anxious about your job… it is time to review the GROUP HOME RICHES GOLD COURSE!

Andy’s website development system can begin bringing in leads for you and can be set up in less than 1 week.

Once you can feel and SEE the demand… you will not look back.

Freedom is only a few weeks away!

But maybe you don’t feel 110% confident to do it on your own….no problem.

That is where Andy’s step-by-step, personalized and custom 1-On-1 Coaching comes into play….

Remember, Kobe did and so did Michael!


He and his team want to see you succeed!

They are available to help you.

If you are sick of waking up early, always being in a rush, not having enough money in your bank account to do the things you want… then either GET THE GOLD COURSE and WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM, or set up a free coaching call now!

CLICK HERE to book a free coaching call today and start a rural group home!

Two group homes can make you financially free!

Tell Andy or Brandon that TONZA sent you!

Guest post from Andy Rotschild, Group Home Riches

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