How To Start A Pet-Sitting Business Around The World

Start A Pet-Sitting Business
How To Start A Pet-Sitting Business Around The World

This is The Only Way To Get Paid To Play With Pets!

Rover empower pet care providers around the world to start a pet-sitting business using their platform, and give you the tools to succeed.

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When you start a pet-sitting business with Rover, it’s easy when your service is promoted to the world’s largest network of pet owners.

Benefits Of Sharing A Pet-Sitting Business

  • Flexibility puts you in control.
  • Set your own schedule and prices.
  • Offer any combination of pet care services.
  • Set size, age, and other pet preferences that work for you.

It’s easy. Go to the calendar and mark yourself as available when you want to be.

The Tools To Succeed

You are given the tools to succeed such as the Rover Guarantee, which includes up to $25,000 in vet care reimbursement; the Rover app to manage your pet-sitting schedule, etc.; and 24/7 support, including vet assistance.

How It Works

Create Your Profile – Rover will guide you through building a profile that showcases information pet owners care about.

Accept Requests – Tell Rover about the types of pets you want to care for and the dates that work for you. You make your own schedule.

Get Paid – Payments are ready for withdrawal two days after you have completed a service.


  • Boarding is the HIGHEST EARNERS: When you care for a dog or cat overnight in your home, pet-sitters who offer boarding, can make up to 2 times more than sitters who don’t.

Dog Walking

  • Pick up dog walks that fit your schedule.

Doggy Day Care

  • This is ideal for work-from-home dog lovers.

House-Sitting, Drop-In Visits

  • Stay with or check up on pets in their own homes.

Safety First Always When Starting A Pet-Sitting Business

Rover works tirelessly to ensure tails keep wagging and pet owners’ minds are at ease.

Every service you offer on Rover is backed by the Rover Guarantee, including safe, secured, and convenient online payments; a top tier support team available 24/7; ongoing pet care education for pet sitters; and connection with pet owners once your profile is approved.

DogVacay Has Joined The Rover Pack: FAQs You Need To Know

Why are DogVacay and Rover coming together?

Rover and DogVacay share the same mission: To make life better for dogs and the people who love them. We can make an even bigger impact together. This union will make it easier for pet parents to get trusted care for their dogs, for pet sitters to connect with more dog owners nationwide, and most importantly, for dogs to get the best possible care.

What is Rover?

Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. Similar to DogVacay, Rover connects pet parents with people who will treat their dogs like family. As a Rover sitter, you’ll still be able to choose your schedule, services, and rates, and continue to build your own pet-sitting business.

What is happening with DogVacay and Rover?

All United States and Canadian DogVacay hosts and sitters were invited to migrate their profiles to Rover, which can be done with just a few clicks. You’ll still be able to manage existing bookings on DogVacay, but we encourage you to manage your business on Rover—that way, all your info will live in one place. After June 12, 2017, you can continue creating new bookings on Rover, but you will no longer be able to create new bookings on DogVacay and will be redirected to complete the booking on Rover. Beginning June 20, 2017, DogVacay will redirect to Rover. The DogVacay site and app will be retired, and pet parents and sitters will be welcomed to Rover. You’ll still be able to access your DogVacay account—including your history, messages, and any upcoming bookings—by logging on to Rover using your DogVacay credentials. All your account information will transfer over.

How does this benefit pet parents?

Exceptional Care
With our combined experience, insights, and learnings, we’ll provide tools that enable exceptional care for your dogs—and transform the pet care industry by putting dogs, and the people who love them, first.

More Coverage
Now with more coverage than ever—in 14,000+ cities across the US and Canada—we’re better able to serve you and your pets no matter where you are. With more trusted sitters offering a wide variety of services, you can easily book a belly rub, round of fetch, week of dog boarding, or a jog around the neighborhood.

Easy Booking
By creating the nation’s largest network of 200,000+ pet sitters and dog walkers, it’s never been easier to find and book 5-star neighborhood care for your dog.

How does this benefit sitters and walkers?

Better Resources
We’re combining resources to invest in sitters, from marketing efforts to new technologies that’ll help you run your business. We’re doubling down on the dog people who make our communities so vibrant.

World-Class Support
We’re sharing our experience, insights, and learning that’ll translate to improved tools, resources, and support networks for you and your business.

More Business
By combining resources and efforts, we’ll drive more dog owners to one destination, and that means more business for sitters. Most importantly, more dogs in the hands of trusted sitters means better care for pets nationwide.

Are you prepared to make money doing something you love?

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