Start A Pedicab Tricycle Chauffeur Business In Rural Areas

Start A Pedicab Tricycle Chauffeur Business
Start A Pedicab Tricycle Chauffeur Business In Rural Areas

Bureaucrats Have Not Caught Up With Pedicabs, Yet

If you enjoy riding a bicycle, you may as well get paid for it by starting a pedicab tricycle chauffeur business in rural areas.

Like the old Oriental rickshaw, pedicabs seat one or two customers and; the motive power is provided by muscles.

They are very popular in summer resorts, near parks, downtown near busy hotels, and in areas where tourists visit.

“In rural and small towns, transport seniors to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc.”

Rural Money

In some cities a license is required, in others the bureaucrats have not caught up with pedicabs, yet.

You can do a Google search for sources of pedicabs.

When you consider a business, do not expect that you will do all the work yourself.

You can find others who would be happy to earn a few dollars in cash for work they can do at home.

College and high school students would peddle a pedicab for you for 50% of the fares.

Often, you will s tart doing the task yourself to find out how best to do it so you can train someone else.

When you do hire someone, do not make them an employee.

Contract with them on a commission basis, or so much per piece of a flat fee, but not at a minimum wage.

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