How To Start A Cooking School Course Super Chat

Start A Cooking School Course Super Chat
How To Start A Cooking School Course Super Chat

Lights, Camera, Cook Live On YouTube!

Cookbooks sell better than anything else, and many people feel a need for special information on the subject, so start a cooking school course super chat.

Design a cooking course for:

  • Low Salt Diets
  • Cooking Without sugar
  • Cooking For One
  • Chinese Wok Cooking
  • Thai Cooking
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Microwave Cooking, etc.

And, you may have a good business.

Have each course for each week of the month.

You can use your own kitchen to have a “live” YouTube demonstration and shoot a video without limiting each class to a small number of participants/viewers.

Advertise on Facebook.

Some will attend just to be among others because they are lonely.

Have a good time.

Keep it light and enjoyable.

A six-week course meeting once a week might cost $30 per class member.

Social media groups should fill your classes.

Don’t forget word-of-mouth.

If your first group has a good time and enjoys it, they may suggest your course to their friends.

Of course, you meet in the late afternoon, after work, and get to eat what you prepare.

Send each participant the recipe and next cooking course super chat reminder.

Image By Juergen_S