Solve Customer Problems: Make Money Without Working Hard

Solve Customer Problems

Solve Customer Problems: Make Money Without Working Hard

Provide What Solve Customer Problems

Before you can solve customer problems, you have to identify problems that people have, and not problems you think they have.

Look at how much money your rural homestead is making by working hard, whether you have a business or you work for somebody else.

Ask yourself, “Am I solving problems for those people?”

If you work for someone else, ask yourself, “Can I be easily replaced?”

If you can easily be replaced, then you have very little value to your company as a problem solver.

However, if you look for and solve problems for the company you work for, then you will put yourself in a position where you cannot easily be replaced.

In that case, your employer will celebrate you with raises, promotions and recognition, if that’s what you want.

Be Your Own Boss To Solve Customer Problems

If you are a rural homesteader trying to make money, then take a look at your knowledge, skills and abilities and how it can solve problems.

Take a look around your rural area within a 25-50 mile radius to identify problems.

Deciding to solve one or two of these problems could earn you a nice income.

The size of the problems you solve will impact the amount of money that you make.

Understand Supply And Demand To Solve Customer Problems

Where there is a huge demand and a small supply, the price of the supply goes up.

What I am asking you to do is start looking for a problem that needs a solution.

Even if there is a ton of solutions already, maybe there is no one satisfactory solution.

Use a little creativity to come up with a killer solution that really works for customers.

The demand will go up because you are the only one with that solution.

Or, maybe there are just a handful of others that has a matching solution.

The supply becomes very limited so you are able to make more money by solving customer problems.

You need to identify this in your target area.

If you do a little research, then you will find a whole lot of problems people need to have solved.

You don’t have to go online to do this.

You can find them in the rural area where you live, work and attend church, etc.

For example, when people have a headache what do they do?

They buy a solution to the problem they have, which is a throbbing pain.

What do they reach for—a product that will solve their headache problem.

They see the pill in the bottle as the solution.

Sometimes people purchase products or services, not because they have an existing problem, but they don’t want to have one!

Why do people get alarm systems?

They don’t want a theft problem.

Why do people put a firewall on their computer—to prevent hackers.

It goes back to discovering what people have problems with and solve customer problems.

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