How Solar Lights For The Poor Fill Home Electricity Void

Solar Lights For The Poor
How Solar Lights For The Poor Fill Home Electricity Void

How Solar Lights For The Poor Fill Home Electricity Void

Help Poor People In Rural Areas Have A Bright Future!

As developing countries move toward making home electricity and solar lights for the poor available, the demand is increasing.

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So the demand for home electricity is increasing.

Electricity plays a critical role in households and economic development for the poor.

1.6 billion people in the world have a home electricity void and are unable to pay for conventional electricity usage.

In the absence of reliable energy, households across the developing world depend on:

  • Kerosene
  • Candles
  • Other non-electric sources

These fuel-based lighting sources generate poor quality light.

Clean solar lights are the answer for all the energy problems in the developing world.

How To Make Money With Solar Lights For The Poor?

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Best Solar Power Lights For Rural Homes

5-Bulb Lighting System

There are many different types of solar lighting products for poor households.

Products with everything needed to convert sunlight to electricity for lighting.

If batteries are needed, they can be charged with a solar battery charger to prevent waste.

People living in remote areas without electricity can now connect a solar-powered LED 5V 2A / 5-bulb lighting system in their home.

This complete system can power a small 300-350 square feet home.

It provides 8 to 16 hours of continuous lighting per full charge.

The system charge during the day and use the stored up power to light the way at night.

The majority of devices such as solar panels require a system to be integrated with the house.

The cost of solar panels is expensive.

Solar powered lighting is affordable.

If they want to add a few more small solar products, they can choose fans, window film and ovens.

Portable Fan

Many people are used to a hot house, but a portable solar fan can cool it off.

It will cool off a musty, dusty space and turn it into a comfortable room.

Sometimes it seem impossible to keep a small home cool.

The temperature inside seem as hot as it is outdoors.

People try everything imaginable to keep cool, but a solar fan is the best solution.

The solar fan cools a room without any electricity bills.

A lot of heat leaks into the home during hot seasons.

The solar fan can lower humidity in the home.

There are other household problems it relieves.

Vapor can buildup inside the home from showering and cooking.

This buildup of moisture can cause many problems including:

  • Rust rot
  • Bacteria
  • Mold.

These conditions can also affect the occupants’ health.

A simple solar fan will increase ventilation to prevent these problems.

Window Insulation

When this film is installed on windows, it block sunlight.

There are different types of solar window film that work better in various situations.

The sun is an excellent source of light, but it shines too brightly inside the home.

The light can be a nuisance in any room, especially in the evening hours when the sun is setting.

Solar window film help to control the amount of heat the sun transmits through the windows.

It help to keep the home cool, without blocking all of the light or view.

Solar Oven

A solar oven is perfect for cooking outdoors because it is powered by sun rays.

They come in all different sizes and can be portable or anchored.

What Happens To Solar Products After The Sun Goes Down?

Solar products are not connected to a solar grid system.

Devices are connected to a battery that is connected to a solar panel.

This simple home solar system charge during the day, and use the stored up power to light the way at night.

During sunny days, the solar panel generates power that the device needs.

When the sun goes down, the stored up energy is there when needed.

During extended rainy or cloudy conditions that last all day, solar supply will go down.

Under these conditions solar systems still generate electricity, but it is considerably less.

Users must be aware that they should not use too much electricity during these conditions to preserve the batteries.

Solar Products For The Poor Is A Hot Market

Solar products are booming everywhere except in the developing world.

There is a huge market in Africa for solar products, and solar energy is the answer.

They have cellphones, but no electricity to charge batteries.

Africa and India are equally hot markets because they have an extended period of bright sunlight every year.

The demand is there, but the supply is an opportunity for home based entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor.

This post will whet your appetite to one of the most lucrative opportunities in solar products for the poor in developing countries.

It’s your time to figure out how to make money with solar lights, and how much of the home electricity void you can fill.