Social Security Card Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

Social Security Card Secret
Social Security Card Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

Updated: Why Is Our Social Security Number Code Secret? The ‘Real’ Answer Is Shocking!

Not many people know that there is a Social Security card secret hiding in plain sight and it’s time to take a look at all the numbers.

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Have you ever wondered why you have a Social Security number?

And, do you realize how VALUABLE your Social Security number is?

It’s not just valuable to the U.S. government, it is a prized piece of data on the open digital black market!

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The first three numbers of your Social Security number are a code.

These three numbers tell in what State the card was issued.

This code, which can be used to confirm your place of birth or an employment history, is not public knowledge.

The irony is, a secret isn’t a secret if someone else knows it.

The fact is, many people know about the Social Security code and are profiting from it.

Your Social Security Number Code Has Been Cracked

Despite that identity theft is a nightmare in the U.S., our Social Security number has long been cracked and compromised.

Supposedly, many private detectives have the key to the code and will crack it for a fee.

The Social Security Administration has an old pdf document that supposedly explains the meaning of the Social Security number.

I think that the Social Security card is an elaborate SYSTEM to manage each State’s human inventory for the purposes of trade and economics on a supernatural level that you and I will never comprehend.

Update: The Social Security Number Was Created In Nazi Germany

Although today this national identification number aka the INSEE code is used by social security in France , USA, et al and is present on each person’s social security card… it was created by René Carmille, who died at the Dachau concentration camp in 1944.

The INSEE code is a numerical indexing code used by the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) to identify various entities, including communes and départements.

They are also used as national identification numbers aka national insurance number given to people.

It’s your number from the day you’re born until the day you die recorded as a number of life in man’s book of strawmen.

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