How To Launch An Easy, Profitable Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

How To Launch An Easy, Profitable Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy Only Takes 24 Hours

It only takes one day to launch a social media strategy for your new website, to build and execute your easy and profitable marketing plan.

Assuming that your niche affiliate website is up and running smoothly, pick a time of day to start this project.

If you haven’t created a website, then you should ASAP.



6 Steps To Launch A Social Media Strategy From Start To Finish

Step 1. Create A Niche Affiliate Website

The fact is, no matter what social media webs you spin, your business still needs a single, easy to find website that defines your niche.

In addition, it must match targeted keywords readers/customers might use to find you.

Click on Resources to see which tools to use.

Do not bother with expensive web designers…

Basic website tools like DOWIB, Bluehost, Namecheap and Yoast… offer low or no cost web services that work just fine.

Step 2. Connect With Your Potential Customers On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still a ‘hidden gem’ for businesses that don’t know the value of it.

This social media platform has all the information on the best potential customers.

All you need is a solid personal profile touting your experience.

Your profile should emphasize ‘why’ someone would want to do business with you.

Also, you should have at least a half dozen recommendations in your line of work.

Step 3. Professionalize Your Facebook Image

Facebook is great for posting updates of what your website business is doing.

You will need a personal Facebook profile and a business page.

By regularly posting fresh blog posts, images and branding information, a consistent personal and professional image of you and your website will emerge.

Step 4. Go Real Time With Your Twitter Feed

Some suggest that you start with a personal, rather than a company, Twitter feed.

I strongly recommend that you start with your website’s Twitter feed.

The goal is to follow your potential customers and those who follow you.

Tweet about your updated blog posts that may be interesting to your ‘followers.

Overtime, customers will start to follow your business website.

Whether your business starts as a blog or brick and mortar storefront… share concise thoughts relevant to your market.

A few tweets a day are enough!

Step 5. Test Drive All Major Social Media Platforms

Once your website is created, it is already live and visible to search engines!

Also assuming that you have written well-formatted content, you can launch your social media strategy, but not until then.

Everything you write—even images represent your branding, personal and business presence.

So, do your best, which is simply a matter of proofreading and spell checking.

When you’re satisfied, submit your blog posts to Google+, Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, Squidoo, Tumbler, Instagram, images to Pinterest…

Step 6. Rinse And Repeat As They Say

By launching a social media strategy, you are basically ‘spreading’ information to test your market.

But, the critical part is learning to keep regular posting manageable.

As a rule, I disseminate each blog post immediately after it is posted on my blog.

Considering the power and potential of even one of these tools, it’s easy to get distracted by wasting time on Facebook, Instagram…

But, please don’t let that happen or you will jeopardize all of your hard work and investment.

The bottom line for launching a social media strategy is to create a relationship or sense of community with readers—and convert them to customers.

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