Social Media Mistakes:   How To Improve Your Website Strategy

Social Media Mistakes
Social Media Mistakes:   How To Improve Your Website Strategy

Not Having A Social Media Strategy Is Mistake #1!

If you’re tempted to skip creating a social media strategy to help your site get more traffic, you will make other social media mistakes, too.

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A social media strategy is a critical foundation, which your niche affiliate website is based.

Social Media Mistakes:  Not Timing Your Social Media Blog Posts

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make is not knowing who the customer is (your market), and where they are on social media platforms.

And, their behavior varies on different social media sites.

My best advice based on experience is that ‘regular’ posting on certain days (like email marketers do), will have the highest chance of being clicked on and shared.

The fact is, readers love to click, but you have to give them a reason to do it—and usually it has to be something that triggers their emotions.

If you agree, let me know in the comments section.

Social Media Mistakes:  Don’t Break The Rules

Don’t’ start using your social media strategy before you understand some of the rules.

Here is a sample list I follow:

  • Start conversations, before you start dropping links, by asking thought provoking questions.
  • Don’t follow someone on social media then unfollow them when they unfollow you.
  • Promote other people in your niche as well as your own website.
  • Don’t write all of your blog posts too thin, if you plan to spread them liberally.

Social Media Mistakes:  Don’t Fail To Measure Social Success

Google Analytics is a great tool for measuring factors about your social audience…

If you’re using advertising media, you can be sure that their analytics are on target.

Therefore, you will get an accurate picture of where your social media traffic is coming from, and how many clicks, etc.

Also, these analytic tools measure your website’s total online community size, the number of mentions across the web, and all the traffic referred to your blog.

Social Media Mistakes:  Don’t Ignore The Competition

Although I don’t believe in worrying about the competition, you must know what they are doing.

Knowing what they are doing is just as important as knowing everything about your own website business.

Keep an eye on your competitors on social media.

Look at their website, locate their social media icons.

Sign up as a fan and start watching what they do.

It is just as important to see what their fans are saying.

Then, use those reactions to improve your own website.

There you have a few tips to avoid social media mistakes as you manage your online business.