How To Make Money With Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons
How To Make Money With Social Media Buttons

These Are NOT The Social Media Buttons I’m Talking About!

Do you want to break into the social media buttons scene with a new button maker but don’t know where to begin?

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Creating and Sharing Social Media Buttons (A New Concept)

With Dr. Don’s Buttons seemingly infinite variety of button making supplies and equipment, it may be easy to lose yourself in the sea of social media button making options.

Dr. Don’s Buttons is here to break things down to the most basic origins of button making.

The good news is there are only three things needed to get started; the button maker machine, the cutter, and the button making supplies.

The bad news – oh wait, there is no bad news.

It’s that simple.

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Create Social Media Pin 📍 Back Buttons for All the Top Social Networks

What you’re doing here is simple.

You’re flipping social media sharing and following buttons which are digital into a physical product to sell to social media followers.

By creating your own version of artistic social media “pin back” buttons, you can help create visibility for your social media accounts and create buttons highlighting other accounts.

You can put these buttons on your website, caps, hats, social media pages, etc.

If you are a caricature artist, share your original designs on your buttons.

Create a line of buttons specifically for Twitter, Meta, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. — wherever you have the most followers.

Make buttons to order with YouTuber’s NEW “channel handle.”

What Type of Buttons Can You Make?

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  • Twitter Follow Buttons
  • Twitter Share Buttons
  • Twitter Hashtag Buttons
  • Twitter Mention Button
  • Twitter Message Buttons – “Tweet This”
  • Facebook/Meta Like Buttons
  • Facebook Hate Buttons
  • Facebook Share Buttons
  • YouTube Subscribe Buttons
  • YouTube Channel Handle Buttons
  • YouTube Shoutout Buttons
  • YouTube Callout Buttons
  • Pinterest Pin It Buttons
  • Instagram Icon Buttons

You get the idea, right?

Caution: Don’t copy or modify social media logos.

Where’s the Button Beef?

You can expect to spend approximately $400 – $500 on a startup button making kit for the standard to smaller button sizes. 

For some, this investment marks the beginning of a new hobby venture while for others it kicks off a lucrative business. 

Depending on the size, the cost per button typically ranges $0.04 – $0.06. 

Let us repeat that – 4 to 6 cents per button. 

If these numbers aren’t astounding to you let us help you with some simple math.  

If each of those 1,000 buttons were sold for $1, you would pay for the complete button making kit. 

Twice.  Are you seeing the writing on the board yet?

In evaluating your first purchase, here are some button making tips you may want to keep in mind:

Choose one size.  Each button maker machine and cutter combo are intended for one button size only

Consider the market.  In selecting which button size you would like to produce, consider first the industry or target markets. 

Large buttons such as 3 or 3-1/2” are popular sizes for photo buttons. 

The very small sizes such as 1” or 1-1/4” are popular in industries that deal with teens and young adults. 

This is also a very common band merch size. 

2-1/4” is the standard, most widespread size – with popularity in many industries such as advertising, political, promotional, etc.  

Get the best price.  The price breaks for the button making supplies start at quantities of 1,000 or more. 

Ordering at this level drops your cost down to pennies per button.

Once you purchase and receive your Dr. Don’s button making kit, it will be time to start making buttons!

Happy button making and sell your social media buttons on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere!

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