14 Social Media Businesses For Seniors That Aren’t Boring

Social Media Businesses
14 Social Media Businesses For Seniors That Aren’t Boring

Exciting Internet Businesses For Seniors By Seniors!

Retirement for many seniors no longer means working at Walmart or Burger King because they can create social media businesses to earn more.

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Today’s senior citizens demand adventure, plenty of stimulation, and a chance to learn something new, and earn more income.

While most seniors find that they have many more opportunities for engagement than they ever had, the costs of living are rising.

Check out these great options, which you can easily convert into a Facebook/Instagram group and affiliate website/blog to earn passive income, meet new friends, and learn new skills. 

Interesting Social Media Businesses

1. Group Exercise Classes

Group exercises, like yoga, tai chi, or Feldenkrais, are fun and social ways to improve flexibility and balance, which are key to preventing falls in older adults. Some communities offer chair exercise classes, while others may offer water aerobics programs, which can appeal to seniors who are living with arthritis. Start this business. Show and tell joint pain sufferers how you knocked out joint pain with this online business.

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2. Wii Sports

The senior in your life may not be able to shoot baskets anymore, but Nintendo’s Wii interactive console games, in which you move your body instead of pressing buttons or using a joystick, offer a nice alternative. There are a variety of games that the sports-minded seniors can play, including bowling, tennis, and golf, as well as the aforementioned basketball. Start this business for like-minded fans. Games are a multi billion dollar 💲 industry. Aren’t those enough reasons for you to get started?

3. Walking Clubs

Walking around the community is an easy way for a senior to keep active, and can be a good avenue to making friends. Some communities even arrange transportation so that club members can walk in a nearby park or on a walking path. Take seniors on virtual and interactive walking tours online. Nothing will out-pace this market. The path to this business is green all the way.

4. Gardening Clubs

Gardening is a superb way to go outside and stay active and connected to others. Digging in the dirt and planting and weeding can help seniors relax and unwind; not only that, but they also get to reap the benefits of their labor: beautiful flowers or tasty veggies. Gardening is a popular niche on social media. It’s time to let your expert garden skills bloom.

5. Book Clubs

If the senior in your life is an avid reader, then chances are they’d love the opportunity to share their opinion about a book with others. Not only do book clubs support seniors’ efforts to stay sharp, mentally alert and in touch with the world, but they also have a huge social element. Books are outselling eBooks because people of all ages are reading. Start this book worm business now.

6. Life Story Exercises

There may be no activity for elders that’s more meaningful than capturing their own unique life story, either in written form or by gathering their photos and mementos together in a scrapbook — not only do they preserve a slice of history, but they also get the chance to reflect on their own life experiences.  This business idea is an excellent pairing with a book club business.

7. Lectures And Continuing Ed Classes

Expanding one’s knowledge base is a surefire way to stay mentally alert and engaged. To facilitate this, some communities provide on-site lectures or continuing ED classes, while others arrange for residents to take advantage of the academic and cultural offerings of nearby colleges. Virtual knowledge is the future. Start this business to get ahead of the cyber learning curve.

8. Art Classes

For seniors who have worked hard all their lives just to make a living, retirement can open the door to a newfound creativity. Watercolor and acrylic painting as well as drawing and sketching are all high on the list of avenues for artistic expression, and making art in a group can be an enjoyable way to engage with others. The door to a newfound creativity is a social media business.

9. Field Trips And Excursions

No one wants to spend all their time at home, even when home is a vibrant assisted living community. The best communities offer special trips and excursions to local attractions such as museums, symphonies, and nature preserves. Some even partner with community service organizations to help seniors volunteer and give back. Show seniors longing for the outdoors how to go on a field trip and excursion in their own backyard, woods, forests, parks, etc.

10. Jewelry-Making

Making necklaces or bracelets is another fun craft that can help seniors improve fine motor skills and provide an outlet for creativity — plus, participants get the bonus of  wearing, gifting, or even selling the beautiful items they create. There aren’t many seniors who don’t like jewelry. The sooner you start this social media business, the sooner it will bling.❇

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11. Live Music

Today’s seniors are part of a generation that revolutionized music. Many are still sound aficionados, with decidedly specific tastes. Senior living communities cater to this interest by offering live music, including concerts by local artists. In communities that are home to former musicians, you might even get to attend a concert by a resident. When you start this business, your fans will be saying “Last night a DJ saved my life.”

12. Music Therapy

Music has an undeniable healing power, especially for those who live with dementia. Some assisted living communities bring in trained music therapists to entertain and provide small-group cognitive stimulation. In some communities, seniors with a history of musicianship can even participate to provide entertainment or music therapy activities for their friends and neighbors. This is the perfect pairing business for a live music social media business.

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13. Pet Therapy

Rubbing a dog’s belly can make many of us feel all warm and fuzzy, and it’s particularly comforting to those who gave up pets when they moved into assisted living. Pet therapy programs that bring dogs in to snuggle with seniors can fill the gap. Spending time with animals may even improve a senior’s mental and physical health. Seniors are HUGE pet lover’s and this niche has a strong and steady market.

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14. Spa Days and Self-Care

Everyone knows that self-care is important. Its value doesn’t end during one’s senior years. Many senior living communities offer special spa days — including haircuts, manicures, and even skin treatments — to foster well-being. The market for senior 🧓 spas is HUGE and getting bigger everyday worldwide.

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Every senior deserves a chance to relax, learn something new, and enjoy the retirement they’ve worked so hard for.

More importantly, they deserve to earn passive and discretionary income to be all they want to be.

Social media businesses give seniors a chance to relax and earn additional income to supplement their benefits while helping them work to become who they want to be.

Retirement can mark the beginning of an exciting new life chapter when you choose to start a social media business that’s not boring.

By Kris Pollock (Enhanced By Rural Money)

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