4 Inspiring Small Homestead Moneymaking Ideas

Small Homestead Moneymaking Ideas
4 Inspiring Small Homestead Moneymaking Ideas

Successful Homesteading Should Pay You!

If you live on a small acreage, these small homestead moneymaking ideas could help you build everything you love about the rural lifestyle.

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Beautiful and edible flowers, farm-fresh eggs, goats for the other red meat and/or organic vegetable and fruit gardening could showcase your modern homestead style.

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Homestead Flowers

Demand for premium flowers continually grow and you could easily and quickly grow a bountiful botanical lineup, which includes more than 100 varieties from seeds.

Your homestead blooms are marketed to area florists and incorporated into your own wedding and event floral commissions.

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Homestead-Fresh Eggs

If you have homestead or farm-fresh eggs to share, why not sell them?

Farmer’s markets are a great place to sell eggs or from your own homestead.

Put up signs in the feed stores, ask your feed stores if they sell eggs.

Some of the fancy country food markets, health food stores, those kinds of places, might sell chicken eggs.

Or, just put a listing on Craigslist.

A lot of people when they’re looking for eggs, they’ll check Craigslist and see if anybody locally is selling.

Another thing you can do is just make a little produce stand at the end of your driveway if you live on a fairly busy street.

Homestead Goats For The Other Red Meat

This may be the most popular idea of all since meat is soon to become scarce.

You can easily learn about goats by volunteering at small local farms to eventually start a small goat meat concern.

Don’t stop there.

Learn how to make raw goat cheese and yogurt.

Start small with two goats and a small homestead goat business is born.

Homestead Organic Gardening

Dare to grow organic without animal or human byproduct fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

The lack of a local farmer’s market should inspire anyone with a green thumb to start their own organic homestead garden to supply locals with fresh produce.

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