Skip Student Loans: Free Tuition For Georgia Seniors

Skip Student Loans
Skip Student Loans: Free Tuition For Georgia Seniors

Free College Education For Seniors!

In Georgia, residents 62 and older can skip student loans and sign up for courses at any of the 31 colleges and universities.

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And attend without paying tuition, although some nominal fees may apply.

Yes You Can Skip Student Loans

The benefit is one that few senior citizens know about, since it isn’t widely marketed, but most institutions will have information about the program on their websites.

Senior students are often responsible for nominal fees that vary from institution to institution.

You will pay an application fee, but once accepted, the only cost you will incur is a campus parking permit.

The 62-and-older students also have the choice of taking courses for credit or auditing, which means sitting in on the class but not having to take exams and earn a grade.

But many opt to take the credit that will go towards an official degree.

For information about senior tuition waivers, contact the admissions office of any college or university in the Georgia state system, or visit the link below to search for your state.

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