Shopify: What Makes Your Products Different On The Market

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The Big Shopify Reveal

This is the number one question to answer before creating a Shopify store.

“If you build it, they will come” only works in the movies.

You need to follow a certain process to give your Shopify products a chance to shine and sell.

The first person to question is you.

You are the owner of the online business.

You are the one seeking customers for what you have to offer.

The issue is that most markets are saturated with businesses and products (eBay for example).

They are all vying for the same customer base.

What Is Your Shopify Market

Let’s begin in general terms.

You are a marketing consultant, for example.

Marketing has many facets and can mean different things to different types of businesses.

Trying to offer products that speak to all facets of marketing won’t appeal to anyone.

Here’s why.

Each customer expects a product that speaks to his or her needs specifically.

What they will likely get is a page about their need and fifty other pages that appeal to 50 more people.

Shopify Marketing Has Many Niches

The trick is to find the niche you want to focus on and “speak” to that audience.

Moms who are looking for a new income stream might be your passion.

Or, it could be older professionals who have been downsized and want to create an online business as a second career.

The choice is yours.

What Is Your Current Shopify Audience

Are you already a blogger or an online business owner?

For starters, you have created an audience already with your website.

Offer products in your Shopify store that will tap deeper into that niche.

Let any other ideas wait while you work with the customer base that you have established.

What Is Your Shopify Marketing Strategy

There is a secret to getting products on Shopify, which is why so many marketers are getting rich.

If you already have a Shopify store with products, how will you let others know about it?

More importantly, how will you convince them that they need what you have?

The answers to these questions can be found in the particular aspects of your strategy to reach your niche.

The Big Shopify Reveal

What makes your Shopify products different from existing products?

It might be what you say in describing items or it may be how you tell your Shopify store’s story.

Maybe you have new product information that sheds a different light on what your audience already believes.

It could be your skills.

You’d be surprised how poor editing and grammar turn off many readers.

Maybe you have a way with stringing syllables together.

That emotional connection with a reader can convert them into a buyer.

On the subject of emotional connection, what makes your products different is that they are being marketed to the right people.

There are a lot of products out there aimed at the wrong audience.

When you ask yourself a few questions and follow through with implementing the answers, the sales of your Shopify products can skyrocket.

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