Seltzer Water Is For Prepper Food Pantry And Survival

Seltzer Water
Seltzer Water Is For Prepper Food Pantry And Survival

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Seltzer water is just another fresh water source for your prepper food pantry, but it is not talked about in emergency preparedness circles.

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Bottled carbonated water is a prepper’s best friend for long term food storage and survival.

Food grade plastic bottles protect the water although it may go flat naturally after a period of time.

Nevertheless, bottled seltzer water lasts indefinitely, and reportedly helps relieve constipation.

Plain carbonated water is often consumed as an alternative to bottled water and soft drinks.

Avoid Seltzer Water If You Have Acid Reflux

Although carbonated water can be hard on some people’s digestive system, I have found a way around this problem for my acid reflux.

Unscrew caps on a few bottles of seltzer to let the carbonation go flat (it takes a few days), and refrigerate as soon as possible.

Basically, when the bottle is opened, the pressure is released, allowing the gas to come out of the solution, forming the characteristic bubbles.

Some carbonated waters have added sodium, so they may be an issue for those on low-sodium diets.

During the Great Depression, seltzer water was sometimes called “two cents plain,” a reference to it being the cheapest drink at soda fountains (i.e. without the addition of three cents-worth of flavored syrup).

If you don’t like the taste of plain carbonated water, then you can buy flavored carbonated water.

Also, it can be mixed with fruit juice to make it sparkling, and add fresh fruit.

How To Use Seltzer Water In Prepper Beverages?

Carbonated water can be mixed with alcoholic beverages where it is used to top-off the drink and provide a degree of ‘fizz’.

Adding it to ‘short’ drinks such as spirits dilutes them and makes them ‘long’.

Also, it is a necessary ingredient in many cocktails.

I wonder whether carbonated water will work well in ‘short drinks’ such as moonshine whiskey?

How To Use Seltzer Water In Prepper Cooking?

Seltzer water is increasingly popular in cooking to provide a lighter texture to dough and batter as compared to regular water.

According to Kevin Ryan, a food scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, the effervescent bubbles when mixed with dough provide the light texture.

Pockets of carbon dioxide gas are introduced into the dough and further expand when cooking.

How To Use Seltzer Water For Survival?

Seltzer water is usually not stockpiled in prepper food storage.

Do you wonder why?

It is one of the “little-known” secrets yet to be discovered and talked about on YouTube.

Personally, I stockpile it in my prepper food pantry because I discovered it as an alternative or emergency bottled water source.

Seltzer water is an ordinary beverage with amazing uses for beverages and cooking.

More importantly, as an alternative water source, it is a compelling reason to include seltzer water in your long-term food storage.

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