Selling Manure: How To Make Money With Organic Manure

Selling Manure
Selling Manure: How To Make Money With Organic Manure

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Many homesteaders overlook selling manure, which is a solution to making money off-grid by selling organic animal waste as soil fertilizer.

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An Italian company has already cornered the market with the “real shit” brand.

They’re selling so-called premium-quality organic manure packaged in airtight sealed cans.

Also, they’re targeting urban gardeners.

Well, any homesteader can do this, too!

The fact is, the Italians don’t have a monopoly on barnyard manure.

Nevertheless, I gleaned a few of their marketing ideas because you probably see animal dung all around you.

Although, they say that their manure is “picked straight from the farm.”

They also claim that “This stuff holds enough azoth, phosphor and potash to bring any wretched urban plant back to life.”

Ha! I love it—this is such a good play on words!

Notice they said “urban plant” because they’re targeting urban gardeners.

You see, even the word “shit” sells when you use the right marketing message.

How To Sell Manure From Your Homestead With Play On Words?

You can create a manure product and sell it on your own website.

Or, you can create an affiliate website/forum to discuss the various ways to market and use manure.

Before you venture into blogging about it, let’s study the REAL SHIT brand marketing message to adopt a few ideas.

What is the product? Barnyard manure from horses, cows, chickens, rabbits, fish, etc.

What is the Unique Selling Proposition? Smell The Difference (you know it stinks)

What is the brand promise (benefits)? “This stuff holds enough azoth, phosphor and potash to bring any wretched urban plant back to life.” (Really?!)

Brand promise means benefits and experiences that marketing campaigns try to associate with a product in its current and prospective consumer’s minds.

What does it contain? The manure (70 percent horse, 30 percent hen) is produced by animals with organic, healthy diets and ripened for several months. (I am laughing out loud!)

What is the packaging size:  Eight ounces seem to be the ideal size that’s easy to ship when selling one or two at a time. This size is perfect for the target market to put a pinch around house plants.

What is the target market? Urban gardeners 

According to the Italian REAL SHIT manufacturers, “Through this process, manure loses all the germs and bacteria and starts to smell different. Producing a good manure is an old practice, perfected during the years thanks to the ancient wisdom of expert farmers. We didn’t discover anything new.”

Now get this, “We didn’t discover anything new.”

That is an understatement, which is why any rural homesteader can do this!

Nevertheless, I love the idea of selling manure to make money in an on-grid or off-grid situation.

Although they are using play on words, manure is a common, authentic by-product from the farm, and they’re producing it in the best way possible.

The fact is:  It is organic matter derived from animal feces.

Moreover, manure contributes to the fertility of the soil by adding organic matter and nutrients, such as nitrogen.

Then, a process begins whereby bacteria, fungi and other organisms in the soil start to break down the manure.

Well, you get the gist.

We are aware that there are many manure products already on the market.

However, there aren’t many being marketed with a bold and direct description of what the manure product really is.

In this fake politically correct and polite society, consumers don’t want to see or hear anything that expresses reality.

I salute the Italians who had the courage to innovate this common barnyard product with graphic packaging.

They are calling the product what it actually is, and packaging it so consumers will know exactly what it contains.

When you make a product seem like a novelty and whimsical, it removes the impression of coarseness, which turn many people off.

Yet, the branding is still gritty and raw.

Nevertheless, it is the brand promise that prospective consumers focus on and compel them to whip out their credit card.

Is Selling Manure A Stupid Idea Or Not?

Make no mistake that farmers are online asking whether they can sell manure and slurry because they have a surplus.

On the other hand, many farmers are already doing manure farming and selling it to manufacturers.

Also, some of them are producing different types of manure in liquid form.

For some of you, organic manure could be a great blog business, which could include categories such as:

  • Selling manure and slurry
  • Green manure
  • Liquid manure
  • Liquid manure spraying
  • Spreaders and equipment
  • Manure products
  • Composting human manure

Manure has been used for centuries as a fertilizer for farming, which helps the growth of plants.

For example, liquid manure from hog operations is usually sprayed and cultivated into the soil to reduce the unpleasant odors.

Moreover, manure from hogs and cattle are spread on fields using a manure spreader.

Experts claim that due to the relatively lower level of proteins in grasses, which herbivores eat, cattle manure has a milder smell than the dung of carnivores, supposedly.

Regardless, due to the quantity of manure applied to fields, odor can be a problem in some agricultural regions.

Poultry droppings are harmful to plants when fresh, but after a period of composting is a valuable fertilizer.

Other Uses To Make Money Selling Manure

The dried manure of animals has been used as fuel throughout history.

Usually, dried cow dung is still an important fuel source in countries such as India.

While camel dung may be used in treeless regions such as deserts.

As a point of history, on the Oregon Trail, pioneering families collected large quantities of “buffalo chips” in lieu of scarce firewood.

Manure has been used for many purposes including cooking fires and to combat the cold.

Another use of manure is to make paper, which is a necessary, novelty and whimsical product.

This has been done with dung from elephants where it is a small industry in Africa and Asia.

In addition, other animal dung is also used to make paper such as llamas and kangaroos.

Other than the llama, these animals chew the cud, and thus tend to pass plant fibers undigested in their dung, which gives paper a unique texture.

The purpose of this blog post is to help you think outside the box in terms of making money in rural areas with manure

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