How To Make Money Selling Firewood In The Country

Selling Firewood
How To Make Money Selling Firewood In The Country

Tips For Firewood Amateurs With No Proven Source Of Supply! #sellingfirewood #makemoney #ruralmoney #rural #money #ruralareas

Selling firewood practically anywhere in the States is not a problem if the quality is good and the price are competitive.

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Many homeowners only burn a few pieces per year on special occasions.
However, you can limit your sales to a half-cord at a time, not including delivery and stacking.

In most places, firewood sells for a great deal more than $100 per cord.
In large cities, firewood sells for a great deal per cord.

For example, good-quality firewood currently sells for $300 to $400 per cord in major cities.

Buyers Beware: Because most homeowners don’t know what they’re buying, dealers can cheat on the amount.

Cutting rounds less that 18 inches long is a common method.

Instead of a 4x4x 8′ pile of closely stacked wood, buyers are often left with much less.

Bottom line, selling firewood is a profitable seller’ market.

Many firewood cutters and sellers make all or part of their income as tree removal services working for urban and rural homeowners.

Occasionally, tree services (cutters) will take trees down for corporations that have wooded property to maintain.

They are paid to cut up and haul trees away.

As a firewood seller and partnering with cutters, you can negotiate to cut up and haul the wood free (the cutters have already been paid to cut up and haul it away).

As a seller only, you get wood that was cut in the process for free that can be hauled to your customers.

Who Will Buy Your Firewood And Why?

Many rural homeowners take down their own trees, but they will also purchase firewood in large quantities.

Rural firewood customers purchase wood because they don’t have enough energy; time to go out into the country to find it; they may not have a truck; and many not have a clue about where to look for cordwood or logs.

What Is A Cord Of Firewood?

Cords of wood are defined by different methods such as:

⦁ Face cords
⦁ Running cords
⦁ Pickup cords
⦁ Eastern cords
⦁ Western cords
⦁ Level cords

All of these methods can be use to deliver no less than 128 cubic feet of solid wood defined as a cord of wood.

In other words, the customer should get a stack of firewood 4 feet high, 4 feet deep and 8 feet long.

Personally, I don’t use a measuring tape when my firewood is delivered.
If I get a full pickup and it’s tightly stacked, I’m satisfied!

Tip For Firewood Buyer: Just make sure the firewood is DRY!

That means if the tree was cut this year and is delivered to you, it is green and won’t burn!

Where Do Firewood Sellers Get And Sell Wood?

Firewood cutters contract with tree services, lumberyards, fuel sellers, etc.

They put up notices on community bulletin boards, Facebook Groups that are predominantly female (I was told because they are chatty), Instagram, Google and Pinterest.

Bear in mind that the farther you haul the less profit you will earn.

Wrapping Up Selling Firewood

The great thing about this side hustle is that it can be cut and sold anytime of year.

You can get free wood by cleaning up easily reached blown down trees, along dirt logging roads, and for homeowners.

That way you can meet the demand of your customers for wood at $100 per cord.

The final tip is not to haul your wood very far.

Another product to offer your customers: The Swedish Fire Log Stove | Swedish Fire Torch | All In One Stove

I can assure you this is a BIG lucrative business in the rural Atlanta, GA area! One of my trees fell and will be firewood!

Tonza, RuralMoney.com

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