4 Secrets Of Selling Digital Books You Have Never Heard Of

Selling Digital Books
4 Secrets Of Selling Digital Books You Have Never Heard Of

Successful Digital Book Selling Is An Elite Club You Should Be In!

People selling digital books are doing it because they are making money because they know the tricks-of-the-trade.

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After writing and selling digital books for many years, I discovered that there are a few secrets you must learn.

Successful booksellers use”tried and true” techniques in their efforts to successfully their digital books.

If you are considering selling eBooks online, you must practice these four secrets.

Every Digital Book Must Fill Two Needs

If you want to sell a lot of eBooks online, you must capitalize on multiple appeals.

One of those appeals is always “how to earn more money”.

This is because, with non-fiction eBooks, extra cash is as close to a universal appeal as there is.

Money can be tied to almost any other appeal—from hunting to thimble collecting.

This idea should permeate the entire digital book.

It can spelled out in the book title and carried throughout the eBook.

The second appeal must fill a genuine need.

As good as the “extra money” need is, it will seldom pull well enough by itself to sell the volume of eBooks you will require.

It’s just too general.

People are naturally suspicious of non-specific offers.

You need a second, specific appeal.

It must fill a need that is sufficiently limited to be cover in a single eBook, etc.

And, the content must fulfill this second need.

It should convey enough useful information to convince the buyer that the book was worth the purchase price.

If an eBook promise to fill the following two needs, then it has met the most important criterion:

  • The desire for extra income
  • Worthwhile information

Then your digital book has met this important criterion.

Some ebooks, reports, manuals, etc. only require 10 pages or more.

Yet, if it fails in either above criterion, a thousand pages won’t make it any easier to sell.

You Need A Big Market

A digital book with a mass market will sell itself.

A book without one should never have been written in the first place.

Never let your personal interest hobbies affect your selection of digital material to sell.

That’s why Amazon became the big pie so that creators can get a bigger slice.

You Need A Believable Ad

Your digital books advertising appeals must directly appeal to a potential benefit for the consumer.

Consumers must believe your ad if you are going to sell a lot of digital materials.

If your ad can’t be trusted, how can a reader hop to rely on the information in your forthcoming launch?

We all know that some ads make false claims, which are called “click bait”.

Therefore, your ads must counter this reaction with emotional “appeal”.

The best overall guideline is prepare your ad that highlight benefits.

Price It To Sell

It doesn’t really matter whether your eBook, report, manual have thousands of pages or several single sheets.

It all sells!

So, set the most profitable selling price for the digital books you offer.

A higher price tag generates more money, but is it the most profitable price.

For example, Amazon has a set range between .99 and 9.99 because these price points are more appealing.

If you are only interested in a one-time sale, then the highest price is the one to use, but I don’t recommend it.

These 4 Secrets Can Change Your Chances

They can help your digital book sell for years if properly written and formatted with an emotional appeal, and priced right.

Tip:  Add promotions for your new publications into the eBooks, etc. you write.

It’s easy to include well-designed image ads that are provided by graphic artists on Fiverr.

I have given you four secrets that can turn your emotional appeal into a winner.

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