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How To Sell Without Selling
How To Sell Without Selling With A Problem Solving Blog – RuralMoney

A Simple Blog Is The Pathway To Sales And Making Money Online!

Are you making as much money from your online efforts as you could be?

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Learn how to sell without selling with a simple blog about any niche.

Even if you are not a rural entrepreneur, you are always selling something.

Bloggers are earning money every day and you can too.

First Step To Sell Without SELLING Is A Problem Solving Blog

The most effective and successful way to market a product is to build your site around it.

An example of this is a blog.

This kind of website is devoted to giving the visitor as much information as it can.

It gives information about your niche, solves a problem and sells the different products that you are promoting.

A Dowib affiliate blog has a built-in monetization system that contains its own products.

It has the best affiliate blogging system and is the number one pick on eBay.

A budding online business can never have too many visitors.

And, it can always benefit from beginners and advanced forms of marketing.

Leveraging the power of an affiliate blogging system is one of the quickest ways to get noticed by search engines.

Whether you are seeking to get more exposure for your blog/website, it will help get traffic.

Moreover, visitors will come to your blog, become educated on the niche topic, and click on your links to buy products.

This type of site is successful for a few different reasons:

1. It sells without direct SELLING.

2. People like to shop around but, its templates are unique and exclusive, which gives your visitors the opportunity to shop around your blog without ever having to leave.

3. Information builds trust. Visitors will perceive your blog as an authority. Trust = conversions (selling without SELLING).

4. The affiliate blogging system, for example, requires no selling from you. However a lot of people don’t believe it. Yet, as visitors continue to click through your blog, it’s more likely you’ll convince them that they CAN solve their problem. This will lead to more sales.

5. If you just slap up various banners or affiliate ads on your blog that have no relation to the problem they’re seeking a solution, the majority of your curious visitors will click off. If they have found relevant information they’re genuinely interested in, they will spend more time reading your blog posts, buy your affiliate products, and sign up for your special offers. A Dowib affiliate blog is built for ANY information or product. If you follow the commitment to blog daily, it may take a little time, but your effort will be amply rewarded.

The Psychological Sell Without Selling

The following tips are meant to help you sell your visitors on the products you are promoting.

The more you pre-sell them before they get to a product site, for example, a landing page or squeeze page, the higher your conversions (sales) will be.

However, if visitors are already on your blog, then you need to prepare a simple marketing plan to answer the following questions:

1) Identify your audience. Ask yourself who are they? Most importantly, why are they on your blog? What are their fears? What are they hoping to accomplish? The answers to these questions will enable you to write your blog’s text with your specific audience in mind. The more your text speaks to them, the more likely they are to buy.

2) Identify your audience’s problem and exploit it. It may sound bad, but you want to foster a feeling of insecurity in your visitors. You must include a section on the problem your visitors are there to fix and it’s hazards. Highlight what happens if the problem goes untreated and its detrimental effect. Convince them that it’s imperative to fix the problem. That’s where Dowib affiliate website/blogs come in.

3) Assure that their problem is treatable. Fairly self-explanatory, but let them know there is help on the way.

4) Include as much information as you can get your hands on. The more in-depth it is, the more the visitor will trust you as an authority, and get lost in your blog’s information.

5) Include specific information about each product you promote, except affiliate links. Let the anchor text do the selling for these relevant links to gain trust.

6) Build their confidence once you have selected a product, for example, solar power, as your number one pick, and include information about its effectiveness, etc. Shout out why this is the best product out there. You’re using it as a tool to sell without SELLING right? A word of caution, do not bad mouth your products. It’s negative. You’re not a rural entrepreneur or salesman if you do.

Dowib’s Affiliate Blogging System To Sell Without Selling The Easy Way

Dowib’s affiliate blogging system does not require any pay per click campaigns or Facebook advertising for its affiliate promotion.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot that goes into developing a quality Internet product.

A digital product that includes hundreds, if not thousands of hours of planning, design, etc.

Here are a few of the most important features of the Dowib affiliate blogging system that sells without SELLING:

1) What is your mission? Every blog business has one and so should you. It doesn’t have to be complex, so has figured out what you want to accomplish through your blog, and pre-written many articles for you. Since you will be promoting your Dowib affiliate blog information, it will also inform visitors in a clear and concise format how the affiliate products work. For example, Amazon Recommendation Ads display suggestions of other up sell products that are available.

2) has already laid out the blog with pages and navigation for you to organize your information. They have made information easy to get to, and organized logically for your visitors. Nothing is more frustrating than being on a blog and not knowing where to go. Yet, you can add to it or take away.

3) Check out other product blogs with products for sale, including your niche competition, and see what they are doing well. The best places for niche topic ideas that sell without SELLING are other blogs..

4) Spend time on your text. Anyone who is interested in your website and wants to use it as a source of information will read your text. Make sure you spell check, grammar check, and use your words to your advantage. The text is what will sell your visitors on trusting you and using the products you recommend.

5) Promote your blog on ping sites. recommends the following “Don’ts” when setting up your blog:

1) Do not use too many graphics or unrelated images.

2) Do not use too many fonts.

3) Do not have HUGE blocks of text. Break up your text with key points. Use headers, bullet points, etc. for your main points. Spice it up and make it look interesting. Besides that, breaking up your text makes your blog look better.

You’re ready to start blogging daily with a blog that’s ready to sell without SELLING.

Now you have the basics, but there’s a lot to know about selling on the Internet.

And, there’s always something new to learn.

It’s a dynamic marketplace, and those who survive the punches, learn to sell without SELLING.

Learning, changing, adapting and teaching are the keys to making it.

If you’re trying a blog platform and it’s not working for you, stop, and try something else, that’s what I do.

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