Easiest Way To Sell Collectibles For Big Money

Sell Your Collectibles

Easiest Way To Sell Your Collectibles For Big Money

How To Turn Your Collectible Smalls Into Big Rural Money

Whether it’s in your garage, attic or desk drawer, wherever it’s hiding, it’s not doing you any good there to sell your collectibles.

And, if you think it might be rare and valuable, I know someone reputable who would love to see it.

Because, chances are…

He can sell it for you.

Perhaps, you’ve been planning to sell, but don’t know where to start.

Selling through Paul Fraser Collectibles is easy.

You’ll find him and his team helpful, knowledgeable, and – above all – honest.

He has been selling collectibles professionally for 41 years.

You’re in safe hands.

Perhaps, you’ve inherited a collection and feel guilty about selling it.

I understand.

And, I can’t make that decision for you.

What I can say as a former professional Antiques Appraiser is he will treat your collection with the care it deserves.

Also, ensure it finds another home where it will be equally cherished.

Perhaps, you want an alternative to the uncertainty of “sticking it on eBay”.

At Paul Fraser Collectibles, you and he agree on a fair retail price beforehand (fair for both you and the buyer).

So, you know exactly how much you will make when it sells.

Whatever your reason for selling, know that he will be doing all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

“I had no hesitation in [selling through] Paul Fraser Collectibles after looking at their website. They have been professional from start to finish and I would definitely use them again.” S DAVIS Surrey, UK

Selling Collectibles Through Paul Fraser Is Simple

Call or send him an email with a description of your collectible or collection.

If he thinks he can sell it for you, he will suggest a fair retail price.

If you’re happy with the price, he will market the piece for you to his database of passionate and discerning collectors.

Selling Collectibles Is Risk free

He charges a competitive 30% commission of the retail price.

And, only when he sell your item, not before.

If he doesn’t successfully sell it for you, it costs you nothing.

So, you have nothing to lose by using Paul Fraser Collectibles.

“I would like you to know how much I have appreciated your skills in being able to sell my three high end space related items with such incredible speed. Contact I have had with your company has always been handled in a friendly but professional manner and I could not have asked for a better service. It has been a real pleasure to do business with you.” JOHN FFOULKES Dorset, UK

Next Steps To Sell Collectibles To Make Big Money

Tell him what you have:

Email Paul at info@paulfrasercollectibles.com

He can’t wait to hear from you!

OBTW, tell him Tonza Borden @ RuralMoney.com referred you.

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