10 Self-Employed Educational Jobs To Consider

Self-Employed Educational Jobs
10 Self-Employed Educational Jobs To Consider

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Below are 10 self-employed educational jobs that could be worth exploring without working for someone else.

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Most jobs in the education sector involve working for someone else.

But there are still ways to make a living in education while working for yourself.

Online Tutoring

Many teachers looking for a new self-employed avenue consider tutoring.

This typically involves privately teaching students one-on-one.

Such students could be mature students retaking subjects  or kids in school that need extra support.

Online tutoring is one of the most flexible options because you can connect to students from across the country (or even from around the world).

There are many sites like Preply, TutorMe and Skooli where you can connect to clients.

Having qualifications in your chosen subject and some teaching experience could be necessary to sign up to some platforms.

Some sites allow you to set your own rates and only take a small amount of commission.

Make sure to invest in a good quality camera and microphone before taking on any clients.

Private In-Person Tutoring

Alternatively, some people prefer to teach students in person.

Many families hire private tutors to come to their house and help with studies.

Similarly, some mature students trying to regain qualifications may prefer in-person tutoring.

When taking up this tutoring, you’re typically better off focusing on pretty broad subjects so that you’re more likely to find potential clients in your local area.

You may struggle to find clients in rural areas.

However, in large towns and cities, it could be a lot easier to find potential students.

Having qualifications and experience teaching will similarly help when getting business.

You can advertise your tutor service online or through local print marketing such as posters and flyers. 

Music Teaching

Many schools hire freelance music teachers to give kids the chance of learning various instruments.

If you can play a musical instrument well or are good at singing, consider seeing whether any schools in your area have any vacancies. 

You will usually have to have obtained a certain grade to teach and may need to obtain a musical teaching qualification on top of this.

Having some experience teaching your chosen instrument out of a school environment could help boost your credibility.

To get general experience, you can advertise your services on social media, through local posters or through sites like Bark.

Once you get a placement in a school, the school should help advertise your music lessons for you. 

Kids Sports Coaching

Many schools also outsource sports coaches to teach certain sports – often in the form of after-school clubs.

This could include sports like football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, martial arts or badminton. 

Having some existing sports coaching experience will help when applying for a sports coaching role at a school.

You may have more luck coaching slightly unusual but attractive sports (like trampolining or lacrosse) than popular sports like football (a lot of schools may already have a coach for this).

Coaching qualifications could be important to have when becoming a kids’ sports coach, plus you may need to supply certain equipment.

Selling Educational Graphics

Got some graphic design skills?

Producing various graphical content for schools and educators could be another option to explore.

You could sell guided reading resources, flashcards, posters, worksheets and infographics.

Such graphics could serve as visual aids when learning certain subjects – helping to make learning more fun and interactive.

You can sell graphics through various classroom resource websites.

By finding subjects that are fairly popular but lacking in visual resources, you can increase the chance of people paying to download or buy your graphics.

To make educational graphics, you’ll need to use graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Make sure that you fully understand how to use these programs – completing a graphic design course could be useful for helping you to develop your skills.

Making Educational Videos

More teachers are using videos in the classroom, while homeschooled students and remote students also commonly use videos to learn.

Videos are a fun way to engage students, and can be useful in helping students to understand complex processes.

Shorter videos are more likely to get plays, but longer videos may still have their uses.

Videos can either be live action or animated.

Live action videos may require more work if you’re planning on using actors and filming on various locations – having video production experience or qualifications could help.

Animated videos can be made alone at home, but do require animation skills and suitable software.

You can distribute videos through YouTube and make money from them via ad revenue.

As with educational graphics, you want to explore subjects that are popular in schools, but that have few video resources.

Experience as a teacher may help you to identify these subjects. 

Selling School Supplies

Another self-employed job that you could take up in the education sector is selling school supplies.

This could include setting up your own online or physical store.

Supplies you could sell include uniforms, stationery, textbooks, kids’ sports equipment or school bags.

This involves understanding how to run a retail business.

You’ll need to purchase your stock, price it correctly and market it in the right place.

When launching an online school supplies store, you’ll need to build an engaging website and invest in SEO.

When launching a physical store, you’ll need to be able to afford an outlet and pay for signage and all necessary equipment (such as cash registers and card readers).

Physical stores are only likely to be successful if there are a lot of schools in the area, and you will need to consider who your competitors are.

Developing Educational Apps

Apps have become a valuable educational tool for learning various subjects from languages to math.

You could potentially make money by selling your own educational apps, or by helping other people develop educational apps.

Developing an app is clearly not easy and may require a knowledge of one or two coding languages.

Assembling an experienced team will help you to build apps faster.

Do your research of other educational apps to understand which features work well and can make an app attractive.

This could include incorporating games, videos and music.

Educational jobs are an open book

Organizing Educational Tours

Organizing field trips or other educational tours could be another self-employed route into education.

These needs to be tours that revolve around curricular subjects.

This could be a multi-stop coach tour or a tour at a single location that schools and educators must arrange travel to.

Being a good speaker and knowing how to make a tour engaging could be essential.

To get people come on your tour, it could be first worth looking for a way to make your tour unique.

This could include focusing on a certain demographic (such as kids with disabilities) or exploring a very niche subject.

You can advertise your tour online through tour listing sites like Tour Radar.

Writing Study Guides

Another self-employed avenue to consider could include writing study guides.

These could be aimed at young students or college students and could focus on any subject that appeals to you.

Writing a successful study guide requires being a good writer and being able to communicate in layman’s terms that are suitable for your target age group.

It could be worth comparing other study guides out there to find ways of making yours unique.

This website explains more as to how to publish a study guide.

Such study guides can be promoted and sold online, or in local bookshops and school supply stores. 

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