Seashells Guide: How To Make Big Money With Little Shells

Seashells Guide: How To Make Big Money With Little Shells

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Seashells is a huge passion for collectors and professional traders where millions of dollars are exchanged for rare and beautiful seashells.

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The fascination with seashells start with their infinite variety of elegant shapes and patterns.

Each one is a natural sculpture—a piece of art.

Some descriptions of seashells include smooth and polished, bumpy ridges, knobs or sharp spines, and attractive colors when wet.

It is no wonder that so many people enjoy collecting seashells.

Although most of the shells you find along the seashore are empty, each one once contained a mollusk, and is worth money!

The shell is the skeleton.

Usually, empty shells are worn down or battered by the surf by the time they are washed ashore.

However, even these old, chipped or faded seashells are beautiful and worth money to collectors.

Although seashells are most valuable when found “live,” a mollusk’s shell is never shed while the animal is alive.

As mollusks grow, new shell is added like the growth rings in a tree’s trunk.

The shell material records the life history, from birth to death, of the animal that lived inside.

Before you start listing your seashells on eBay, learn how to identify the shells in your collection.

Here are ten unusual but popular shells that serious collectors or buyers are more interested in such as:


Gastropod Cowry Shell
Gastropod Cowry Shell

The largest class of mollusks with more species in the world.

The word gastropod means “stomach-footed.”

Most of the snails in this group crawl about on a large, muscular foot that protrudes from their shells.

Alabaster Murex

Alabaster Murex Pink
Alabaster Murex Pink

To me, this is an ugly shell and I think I threw all of my pink Alabaster Murex out—don’t make this mistake!

The white Alabaster Murex features random barbs that extend in every direction.

The barbs (prickly spines) are likely the result of its predatory evolution.

Bull Conch

Bull Conch
Bull Conch

Discovered in 1857, the Bull Conch features a horn-like shell extension on one end and distinctive orange speckling.

Keiner’s Dophin Snail🐌

Keiner Dolphin Snail
Keiner Dolphin Snail

It has a weapon-like appearance and its base includes a spiral design and color of red and orange.

Sunburst Star Turban

Sunburst Star Turban
Sunburst Star Turban

It has studded ridges rounding the whole shell.

Scotch Bonnet

Scotch Bonnet
Scotch Bonnet

This is the official seashell of North Carolina.

Lion’s Paw

Lion's Paw Shell
Lion’s Paw Shell

This is a scalloped shell, which reaches measurements up to six inches in length.

Its bumpy and thick shell makes it hard enough to survive the tumbles of the sea.

Scaphella Junonia

Scaphella Junonia
Scaphella Junonia

This is an “elusive” seashell to most shellers.

It is a member of the cone shell species.

Precious Wentletrap

Precious Wentletrap Shell
Precious Wentletrap Shell

This was one of the most prized possessions of Catherine The Great.

The wentletrap measures 2 1/2 inches and its from the Philippines.

It sold for $20,000 in the 1990s.

Fulton’s Cowrie

Cowries have long been prized for their beauty and diversity. MUST CREDIT: Smithsonian Institution.
Cowries have long been prized for their beauty and diversity. MUST CREDIT: Smithsonian Institution.

This is a “tiny” and illusive seashell that avid collectors desire to own.

This is by no means an in-depth guidepost to seashells so I recommend visiting to see the price range your shells may be selling for, and how to design a sea shells business website.

There are many common seashells available, but the collectors are looking for the rare and monster size cowrie seashells.

Where To Start Selling Seashells For Quick Profit?

If you are serious about making money with your dusty collection of seashells, then eBay is the best place to start.

Connoisseur shell collectors are always trolling eBay looking for a rare find and a good buy–so price your seashells to sell.

Shells weigh practically nothing so they are easy to ship.

In addition to that, if your seashells were free, then you will earn 100 percent profit!

Before listing shells, you need to become familiar with the scientific (Latin) names.

Learning to observe and identify shells will help you write a clear and precise description of each seashell.

Seashell collecting is fun, but why let them continue to collect dust, when they can be listed on eBay?

There is no need to go shelling or beach combing to look for shells.

There are plenty of them at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and such.

And, what’s more, you don’t have to be an expert to sell seashells—just get them, list them and take profit!

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