Save Money Running A Rural Homestead

Save Money Running A Rural Homestead
Save Money Running A Rural Homestead

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Two of the most common concerns for homesteaders include ways to save money running a homestead, and caring for the environment.

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Homesteaders also have many concerns occupying their minds, from whether their next crop will be a robust one, to whether their chickens will be safe from the predators that roam the night.

It is possible to do both.

Read on to find out how. 

How to Save Money While Running A Homestead?

Get Smart with Power

Power is a resource that most homesteaders cannot do without.

It’s also a resource that can be expensive, so finding ways to be smarter with energy will most definitely save you money. 

With that in mind, there are several actions you can take.

The first is to reduce how much power you consume overall.

To do this you may insulate your buildings and outbuildings, put lights on a timer, and even choose more sustainable equipment. 

It’s also possible to find a cheaper energy supplier, thereby cutting the cost of the power you use.

Especially if you can find one that is offering a favorable community scheme.

With that in mind, by joining with other community solar LMI customers you can access energy at a minimum of 5% discounted rate.

Oh and because the energy is solar you can be sure that you’ll be doing your bit for the environment as well. 

Grow Your Own

One of the best ways to save money when running a homestead is to grow and produce your food.

The good news is you will be perfectly positioned to do so because most homesteads have at least a few acres that can be tilled and then used to grow fruits and vegetables.

Many of these can be eaten fresh, laid down for the winter, and even canned to provide a steady stream of free food throughout the year. 

Grow Your Own
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Feed Your Scraps to the Animals

While we are on the subject, you can also save money by feeding your kitchen scraps to your animals.

This will reduce your feed costs, and make sure that your animals have access to plenty of fresher, more fibrous items like vegetable skins. 

However, it’s vitally important that you separate out your scraps and only feed your animals the right things.

Any raw meat or bones should never be fed to animals. Instead, waste from chopping vegetables, veggies that are slightly out of date, and the outer leaves from leafy veg like lettuce that you would only throw away anyway are better. 

Of course, feeding your scrap to the animals is great for the environment too as you’ll be reducing food waste, which can use up a great deal of resources. 

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