How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Save Money On Your Wedding
How To Save Money On Your Wedding

Brilliant Simple Tips to Tie The Knot on a Budget!

It’s not a secret that a wedding has the capability of making a huge dent in your savings; so use these tips to save money on your wedding.

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It depends on the kind of wedding you want as to how much money you’re going to spend, but most people would like to make their wedding a large affair. 

Reining in your spending may not be the most important of ideas because you are too busy having fun buying things that will make your wedding day feel wonderful.

But The thing is, you can plan and enjoy an incredible wedding day on any budget, and whether or not you have spent some money on sites such as for the engagement ring, or you have decided to go cheaper on engagement rings, you can still save money along the way.

Your entire wedding hand be more budget friendly and yet still just as beautiful.

To that end, we’ve got some tips to help you make it so.

  • Choose a weekday. If you want to save some money on your wedding day make sure that you get married during the week. Weddings are far more expensive at the weekend because they have a premium, but most suppliers will offer a discounted rate for a midweek wedding. You also have a good chance of booking your preferred vendors this way, as there is much more availability during the week than there is on the weekends.
  • Choose a stylish venue. A huge chunk of your wedding budget is down to the venue, so make sure that you pick a venue that’s already pretty stylish or a package that includes venue decoration. It’s nice to have chair covers and bows and balloons and all of the flowers you could want, but if the venue isn’t offering that it comes out of your pocket to make sure that you get the decor you’d like. If you choose a more stylish venue, you can cut down on those additional costs.
  • Have a smaller guest list. Do you really need to invite the whole side of the family when spoken to since you were a child? It’s nice to have people acknowledge your wedding day, but you should really consider only inviting the people who matter. From your close family and your closest friends, you could have an intimate and yet beautiful wedding day that you can cherish forever because the people who would be happiest for you would be there in your guest list. Not only will having a smaller guest list really save you some money, but it will also make things a lot easier if you have to make any adjustments along the way.
  • Book a supplier package. There are plenty of packages out there that will help you to curate your dream wedding by supplying you with all vendors under one price. Consider your celebrant or your DJ or your photo booth and wedding cars or being put into one package to save you the stress. You’ll save a good 20 to 30% of your overall wedding costs when you do this. These are the kind of deals that will really help you to save cash.

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