If You Think You Can Survive Rural Unemployment You Can

Rural Unemployment

If You Think You Can Survive Rural Unemployment You Can

Rural Unemployment Requires Surviving On Your Wits

The most important thing you must do to overcome rural unemployment is encourage and motivate yourself daily to avoid focusing on the job you don’t have.

This is a critical exercise to beat the “self-defeat” attitude.

As as result, you will hit the ground running to solve your income problem by creating a cottage industry.

Cottage industry is an enormous potential for the emerging rural entrepreneur generation.

What is cottage industry?

It is a small-scale industry often operated out of a home rather than out of a factory.

Cottage industries are defined by the amount of investment required to start, as well as the number of people employed.

That means your micro business is started and operated by bootstrap funding, and has one employee, you.

Make certain to check with your state about “cottage laws” for the type of home-based business you want to start, before it starts rolling and you want to scale it up.

But, before you can get down to business, you must strengthen your survival state of mind by focusing on these reality skills daily:

  • Accept who you are and learn to love yourself as you are.
  • Think positively, and be convinced that YES YOU CAN.
  • Remain an active member of your community.
  • Be responsible for your life by providing food and shelter above all else for you and your family.
  • Be aware of your needs.
  • Participate in family and community activities.
  • Confront problems such as past due bills with an open mind. Debt collectors cannot get paid until you get money. There are no debtor prisons in America.

A highly effective way to beat back feelings of self-defeat is know it is possible.

When facing a major crisis such as rural unemployment, too many people give up prematurely because you are convinced your situation is impossible.

In the presence of a great trial or when dealing with a serious professional setback, build up positive affirmations such as these:

  • It is possible for me to find a solution to my financial problems—where none is apparent.
  • It is possible for me to create a path—where one does not now exist.
  • It is possible for me to discover a breakthrough.
  • It is possible for me to explore every alternative.
  • It is possible for me to find people who can help.
  • It is possible for me to respond with creativity and energy.

Rural Unemployment Requires Surviving On KSAO’s

Unless you have someone else to support you, sitting around and sending out resumes is a sure way to starve.

Create a cottage industry from your knowledge, skills, abilities and opportunities (KSAO’s).

Most of us already have some expertise in what we are passionate about.

For example, if you love bookkeeping, create a billing service for local entrepreneurs who are too busy performing their KSAO’s.

Whatever your level of expertise, professional or hobbyist, you can create a micro home-based business that shares your knowledge with others, and one that will solve your rural unemployment.

Create an opportunity for yourself with your KSAO’s where none seem to exist.

Find a need and fill it!

Once you think about it, you will know exactly how to fill the need.

One of the main elements that will make you successful is learning how to be creative and innovative in the cottage industry work space.

With all the free time you have, learn how to market (promote) your product or service.

In fact, you’re actually the ideal person to market your own homework.

You will do better than a professional simply because you know your homework best.

And, because both your funds and time are limited when starting out.

You have to rely more heavily on creativity than someone who has a degree in marketing and unlimited funds.

However, it is creativity that counts.

The standard way to begin is market your product or service based on what customers need.

Here’s a tip that I use to market Rural Money Homestead: Get a Google local listing for your home-based business, and find the categories that fit, which will do wonders for customers trying to find your rural business.

Beware, if you break Google My Business rules, they will suspend your local listing.

“According to Google’s guidelines on service-area businesses, you should only show your address if customers show up at your business address. Whenever I’ve seen this, it was a hard suspension, since the listing was not eligible to show up on Google Maps based on the Map Maker guidelines.” Courtesy Search Engine Land

Read:  Top 9 Reasons Google Suspends Local Listings

Make your marketing plan a simple outline that contains the description of what you want to achieve, for your customers.

It’s Up To You To Make Rural Unemployment Irrelevant

The best way to do it is reinvent yourself as an expert at what you do!

Now that you feel that you can comfortably start and handle a home-based business, compose a brief bio that explains how you gained your expertise.

For example, write the name of your cottage industry, owner and a statement of purpose that briefly states your objectives to start a home-based business related to your experience.

You may be wondering what good will a bio do?

It will help you stop focusing on the job and income you don’t have.

More importantly, it is a highly effective way to beat back feelings of self-defeat.

When you write something down, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, which negates rural unemployment.

Now, you believe that it is possible to survive on your wits.

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