28 Rural Tiny House To Storefront Business Ideas

Rural Tiny House To Storefront Business
28 Rural Tiny House To Storefront Business Ideas

Convert It Into A Small, Thriving Business!

A rural tiny house to storefront business is an income opportunity with an address on it to fulfill your dreams of starting a new business.

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So instead of using your tiny house shed for storage, convert it into a small, thriving business to feed your hunger for entrepreneurship.

Tiny House To Storefront Businesses

1. Car Flipping

If you have the capital to purchase vehicles for your business, you could also use your garage as a place to perform maintenance and updates so that you can later sell those cars at a profit.

2. Florist

Use your tiny house as a place to create various floral designs to sell to customers.

3. Barber

Start your own barber or hairdresser business in your tiny space.

4. Carpenter

If you’re a skilled woodworker, you could also set up a workspace in your tiny house and use it to build wood items or work on custom projects for customers.

5. Software Developer

Develop more in-depth software programs for clients or to sell on your own.

6. App Developer

Start your own app development business where you create mobile apps for businesses or other clients.

7. Clothing Alterations

Have clients bring or send you their clothing items for tailoring or alterations.

8. Massage Therapy

Set up your own massage station in your she shed.

9. Toy Maker

Make handmade toys and sell them online or in local shops.

10. Clothing Designer

Get more in-depth and actually design and manufacture your own clothing line out of your tiny house.

11. Jewelry Designer

Create your own jewelry items in your tiny space and then sell those items through a number of different outlets.

12. Candle Maker

Set up a space where you make your own candles to sell online or in local stores.

13. Soap Maker

For those interested in making their own handmade products, a tiny shed house can be a great place to set up a soap making station.

14. Graphic Designer

Start a business where you offer to design logos and other graphics for clients.

15. Web Designer

Set up your own tiny office where you design websites for business clients.

16. Furniture Refurbisher

Skilled craftsmen could also use tiny spaces for storing old furniture items and then giving them new life with new materials and updates.

17. Photographer

Though you might need to leave your space to actually capture photographs, you could set up an editing station in your little house and use it to build a photography business.

18. Blogger

If your talents lie more in the realm of writing, you could start your own blog out of your teeny office.

19. Bookkeeper

For the financially minded entrepreneurs, you could also start an online bookkeeping or accounting business.

20. Craft Classes

If you have a craft or trade that you’re skilled in, you could set up a teaching station in your she shed and invite students to classes where you demonstrate your craft.

21. Recycling Service

Start your own recycling service where you collect various recyclable goods and then organize them in your tiny space so that you can dispose of them properly.

22. Antique Seller

Use your shed house as a place to store antiques that you purchase and then resell online or in person.

23. Pet Groomer

Set up a grooming station in your garage and let pet owners bring their dogs and cats to you.

24. Laundry Service

If you have laundry facilities in your shed, start your own service where you offer to wash and dry clothing and other items for customers.

25. Tech Refurbishing

Take some of those tech devices that are older or don’t work anymore and refurbish them so that they’re ready for sale again.

26. Smartphone Repair

As smartphones and other devices become more popular, more people are also in need of repair services for those gadgets as well.

27. Auto Mechanic

As a trained mechanic, you can also run a repair shop out of your tool shed.

28. Bicycle Repair

For those who want to work on smaller modes of transportation, a bicycle repair shop is another business you can start in your own work shed.

Many rural cities and towns are starting to realize the need to allow individuals to start a business from home in small spaces.

So before you startup, check with your local zoning office about their rules and permits.

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