Rural Survival: The Negative Consequences Of Unemployment

Rural Survival
Rural Survival: The Negative Consequences Of Unemployment

Rural Survival Is Your Birthright—To Eat By The Sweat Of Your Brow!

Life, unemployment and rural survival are equivalent and have necessary dependence on each other, so ignoring them has negative consequences.

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By ignoring either one of these, negative consequences will follow.

Unemployment is an economic condition that can cause homelessness, sleeping in a car, perpetual food stamps, begging, borrowing, hustling, stealing, uncontrollable crying, depression, hate, anger, stress, lost of self-esteem, deteriorating health, and estrangement from family … if it continues.

Rural survival is the stimulus to exist until there is an opportunity to recover.

It is also an inherent law of nature to provide necessities to stay alive.

Beyonce and Bob Marley, among others, have sung about survival because it is in our DNA.

No Easy Solutions To Unemployment

Unemployment is the major reason for negative consequences.

That is why I am using my editorial platform to raise the awareness of the power of rural survival, because rural Americans need jobs.

Students are graduating every year, so where will they find employment in a shrinking labor force?

Another problem that I have noticed since the mid 90s is outsourcing jobs to cut expenses.

The Grass Is Not Greener Anywhere Else

America still has the most experienced and productive labor pool to meet any employment demands.

So, why are so many rural Americans out of work?

When a worker’s pay is cut you can adjust, but when your source of income is gone, your livelihood is threatened.

The rising unemployment rate is taking the GDP and GNP under water like millions of homes in foreclosure.

While I am hopeful that rural jobs will increase in the near future, I realize that our nation does not have the means to decrease its multi-trillion dollar budget deficit.

Therefore, it borrows from other countries and continues to make concessions to outsource our jobs.

Thus, this is a poor climate for rural survival and negative unemployment consequences have yet to peak.

Right now, the invisible, rural unemployed are living with relatives, but barely keeping their heads above water.

The ones that have just exhausted unemployment compensation are feeling desperate and anxious.

The chronically urban unemployed are still living under bridges, tents and cardboard boxes.

And, from these facts, they are all in the same boat.

The Need To Eat Is A Powerful Life Force

As if the rural unemployed were ghosts, Republicans and Democrats are busy fighting about political agendas, pseudo economic issues, and over turning healthcare.

What will it take for them to recognize the plight of rural and urban people unemployed?

Blood is already running in the streets from armed robberies … just look at Chicago.

The need to eat is a powerful life force.

If major corporations aren’t given a stimulus incentive to create more jobs, and vigorously hire to turn this situation around, no one will be safe in their beds.

Being jobless, homeless and feeling the constant threat of starvation results in fear and crime.

Survival Of The Smartest

Right now, rural Americans need a little “socialism” to help us help ourselves.

Oh, but you can always ask family and friends for help, right, so no crisis.

Should you ever need to apply for food stamps, welfare, social security or any other type of government assistance, the first question is: Can you ask your family and friends for help?

Let’s be real.

The rural unemployed can’t depend on others for long-term assistance, without counting the cost.

Living with someone else is very temporary.

The fact is, not having a lease or mortgage in your name means you are technically homeless.

That is why every bird builds and maintains its own nest for survival.

Knowing how to survive consists of the basic skills that we learned to develop at birth.

Therefore, life becomes the survival of the smartest.

Case in point, hatchlings in the nest have to struggle to break free.

From that point on, chicks have to think smart to get its share of food to grow and gain strength.

Humans start practicing their instinct of survival through sibling rivalry at an early age to compete for food, clothes, toys and parent’s affection.

That field of learning is what taught us that self-preservation is the first law of nature.

Survival Is Your Birthright

Everything and everybody has a responsibility to survive and it is a job!

When we leave our parent’s home, basic survival should never stop, i.e. saving for a rainy day, saying no to indulgences (yours or someone else’s), writing a contingency plan A to Z.

Some would say this is borrowing trouble from tomorrow, but it was not raining when Noah built the ark.

Just sitting around waiting for those sitting in their ivory towers to pass an employment bill, that they will later overturn, is another sure way to starve.

Unemployment, life and rural survival means planning to survive in good times and bad.

Are you a survivor?

How many times has life knocked you down, but you got back up, brushed yourself off, and went back into the battle of survival?

Your physical strength and survival instinct were instilled in you for such a time as this.

What you make of it will be your final reckoning.

Good times, good job, good health, plenty of good food, and fresh, clean water is not promised to anyone.

Since the fall of Adam and Eve, survival became our birthright, to eat by the sweat of our brow.