How To Start A Rural Shooting Range

Rural Shooting Range
How To Start A Rural Shooting Range

Most People Don’t Really Know How To Handle A Handgun!

During these unprecedented times, people are finally getting the idea: If you want protection, DIY or start a rural shooting range.

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Handgun sales are soaring.

The troouble is most people don’t really know how to handle a handgun.

They need training and a place to practice.

In most areas, shooting ranges are too few.

The few that are around seem to be dominated by law enforcement officers.

Civilians need practice, too.

You will need a good size piece of rural land not too near the city limits.

People will travel a distance to a range.

You will need to build a concrete reinforced block wall, and in front of that an Earth dam to stop bullets.

In front of that, and immediately behind the gargets, install a row of old telephone poles.

These are usually available cheap.

Some ammunition manufacturers have dessigns for safe shooting ranges.

Write to them and ask for their help.

Some ranges have sophisticated electric target systems, but you can do as well with clothes line pulleys.

One way to raise money is to start as an association.

You will be President since the association will lease the range from you.

Get a proxy from every member to keep yourself in office.

Charge members an annual fee and so much per time when they use the range.

Another way to get started is to offer two-for-one tickets to the rural shooting range.

Two people come, but only one pays.

Give them away at sporting goods stores in your area.

Besure they have fresh supplies every week or so.

Return often to the stores and to talk up your range.

As you grow, you could put in a snack bar and later a club house.

Skeet shooting can be added for sportsmen.

You could instruct beginners on handgun safety.

This takes a good-sized investment and has has more visibility than most underground businesses, but the need is there in may rural areas.

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