The Road Of Least Resistance Doesn’t Lead To Rural Prosperity

Rural Prosperity
The Road Of Least Resistance Doesn’t Lead To Rural Prosperity

There Is No Rural Money On The Road Of Least Resistance!

I wrote this post to hit the roots of how people “stay” in a financial rut on the road of least resistance to rural prosperity.

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Have you wondered why you are doing what many others are doing in your rural town, but you have less to no money?

You Are Mindlessly Following The Follower

The premise is: If you change direction, you can change your environment by changing your rural money habits.

You might ask yourself, what does following the follower have to do with not having enough rural money?

The person you have become and your environment have everything to do with not having enough money.

The people you follow have a direct impact on your attitude and way of life.

Your financial rewards come from your creativity, work and life path you decide to take.

It does not come from doing things the same way as everyone else, which is why I am pushing for women to start homesteading as a business.

I realize that two-thirds of the world’s work is done by women, but we own even less of our rural area’s wealth, and most are not property owners.

Although my income was extremely low in 2015 (when I began blogging), I am a financially successful homesteader/entrepreneur, because I work in a different way that set me apart from the crowd.

No person rises above their negative associations unless you come out from among them, set goals and pursue them relentlessly.

You get out of life what you put into it.

Don’t follow others on the road of least resistance.