Rural Poverty: Why Is Rural Poverty So Prevalent In Our Society

Rural Poverty
Rural Poverty: Why Is Rural Poverty So Prevalent In Our Society

Rural Poverty Is Man Made – How To Overcome Yours!

I observed how people suffer from not having enough money and observed people work hard all their lives only to end up in rural poverty.

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I decided to do something about it.

As a child and adult, I observed how poverty and being broke destroyed people’s dreams.

Poverty has caused people to die.

Also, poverty has caused people to be wrongly imprisoned because they do not have money to pay for adequate legal counsel.

Rural poverty has caused gifted people to not have the opportunity to show their gift to the world.

Poverty has caused children to be taken away from their parents.

As a child, I wore my brother’s underwear because of poverty.

I observed how poverty caused my parents, me and my five siblings so much grief and suffering.

Had we had enough money, we would not have had to go through that.

Had we had enough money, my family would have had a more enjoyable life.

I felt it was my duty to create a comprehensive, easy to apply and understand, truthful rural money website to help people help themselves get out of the cycle of:

  1. Poverty
  2. Money worries
  3. Living from paycheck to paycheck.

Rural Money – How To Make Money In Rural Areas is my contribution to society to help stop the financial suffering of many people.

From this day forth, the only way you will ever be broke is to not look for and try different opportunities.

What Is Rural Poverty?

Rural Poverty is man made!

For the purpose of this post, I define rural poverty as the following:

  • No Money
  • Deficit
  • Ghetto
  • Poor
  • Recession
  • Depression
  • Below
  • Beneath
  • Without
  • Drained
  • Needy
  • Homeless
  • Welfare
  • No Food
  • No Shelter
  • No Medical Coverage
  • Broken Spirit
  • Depleted

Why Is Rural Poverty Man Made?

There is no lack or poverty in the universe, yet, on Earth there is prevailing poverty, in a world of vast resources and wealth such as:

  1. Plenty of money
  2. Plenty of food
  3. Plenty of water
  4. Plenty of air
  5. Plenty of sand
  6. Plenty of gold and silver
  7. Plenty of grass
  8. Plenty of dirt
  9. Plenty of space
  10. Plenty of planets
  11. Plenty of words
  12. Plenty of people
  13. Plenty of opportunities
  14. Plenty of songs
  15. Plenty of fish

There is no rural poverty in the universe.

The only poverty that exists is man made.

When you hear people complaining about lack, they are succumbing to a poverty mentality.

A poverty mentality contributes to poverty.

A rural poverty mentality contributes to poverty in every aspect of your life.

And, contributes to you having an excuse for living in rural poverty.

There is enough for everyone on the planet Earth to have what you need.

Even though there is enough in our universe for everyone to have what they need, there are still people who live in poverty, and people who continue to be broke.

My research suggest that people live in rural poverty or are always broke because they do not want to be successful.

What evidence do I have?

When you aspire to be successful, you will do what successful people do to NOT live in poverty, and stop being broke.

Being broke is defined as not having money to adequately take care of yourself.

The truth of the matter is that people are taught to be broke.

Being broke is learned behavior.

Most people are not adequately disciplined, trained, or programmed to make, have, keep, and handle money.

Rural Money Example:  Would you give your spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, or grandparents a loaded pistol without first educating them about the law of owning a gun, then training them how to handle a gun?

Without proper education and training in handling a loaded gun, they could hurt themselves or someone else.

First, you give a person the law about owning a gun.

Then, you educate them about safety issues in owning a gun; and provide them with the training on how to use a gun.

When people are given a gun without proper instruction, bad things happen.

They end up killing or wounding someone, shooting themselves or leaving the weapon in an unsecured location–where someone could steal it.

When people are given a huge sum of money without education and instructions about the law of having money, bad things happen to them.

They lose it, hurt people with it, hurt themselves with it, and end up broke.

Without proper instruction and discipline, having a lot of money could contribute to bad things happening to a person, like alcoholism, drug abuse, and bad investments.

Money is a weapon, just like a gun.

You have to be educated and disciplined about the laws of money, the same way you have to be educated and disciplined about the laws of owning a gun.

What Are The Laws Of Rural Money?

  • Know how to make money 
  • Know how to use money
  • Know how to care for money
  • Let your money work for you
  • Money can be friend or foe
  • Money is a way to  exchange value
  • Money can make or break you

The reason people are broke in rural areas or become broke is because of:

Not being educated about making money, not being discipline with money, and not being programmed to having and keeping money.

If you’re living in rural poverty, let me educate you about making and saving money in rural areas!