Rural Poverty In America Is The New Wealth

Rural Poverty In America
Rural Poverty In America Is The New Wealth

Group Homes Will Thrive And Survive In Rural America!

Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you know that rural poverty in America affects many people including veterans.

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Lets start with the stuff that impacts you…

Prices Are Skyrocketing Causing More Rural Poverty In America

Getting straight to a solution: Many group home entrepreneurs not only accumulate MONSTER cash-flow streams, their wealth is growing at unprecedented rates as a viable way to lessen poverty in rural America.


Because one program is single-handedly teaching you how to purchase Real Estate to operate a group home business to alleviate rural poverty for veterans.

Think about this.

How much are homes up in your rural area?

Many group home owners that own just three homes pre-pandemic at an average price of $150,000 have homes that are now worth $250,000, thus helping them and veterans vacate rural poverty in America.

Would you like an extra $300,000?

Extra Government Stimulus Goodies

The fed’s balance sheet will be up by 10 TRILLION by the time this is all said and done.

This impacts the prices of everything.

  • Your Chipotle Burrito
  • Your Steak Dinner
  • Your Rent

So how do you personally benefit?

1. You Need A Business

The Group Home Gold Course business is the best, low-cost business you can start, especially in today’­­s rural poverty environment.

2. You Want A Business With Government Guaranteed Payments

The 10 Trillion referenced above…?

Much of this money will be used for housing!

3. You Want A Business That Doesn’t Cost A Lot Of Money To Start

4. You Want A Business Where You Do Not Need A License (i.e. Group Homes)

5. You Need A Business That Will Allow You To Accumulate Real Assets (i.e. Real Estate)

That’s it!

Remember, there are going to be LOTS of people (not just veterans) needing to rent in your group home.

And, lots of landlords are already looking to partner up and/or sell!

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