2016 Is A Very Good Rural Money Year

2016 Is A Very Good Rural Money Year

2016 Is A Very Good Rural Money Year

Make Your Homestead’s Rural Money Year A Bowl Of Cherries

I barely survived in 2015, but 2016 is a very good rural money year for my homestead and the proof for how I did it is below.

My homestead profits for January, February, March and April income streams include:

Amazon/Createspace/Kindle; ClickBank eBooks/Web App Subscription); Google Adsense/YouTube; Lulu; Personal Assistance.


  • January 2016: $2,140.86
  • February 2016: $2,618.55
  • March 2016: $2,526.62
  • April 2016: $3,867.27

Total Homestead Income (as of May 6, 2016):  $11,153.30

Just Surviving On My Homestead Is Not Good Enough

At the end of 2015, I positioned myself to change my online financial destiny, which is why I believe that 2016 is a very good year!

In total, as of May 6, 2016, I have earned $11,153.30.

Rural Money’s entry into the major Internet marketing arena underscores what other long-betting digital marketers have expected.

Since the eBook explosion, digital marketing has proven to be a hot category for the present and future.

Just take a look at my digital marketing numbers for 2016.

My digital marketing and eBook sales are up in unit volume, which certainly gives the brick and mortar publishing industry and entrepreneurs a run for their money.

ClickBank and Amazon are by far the leading revenue sources for my digital products including eBooks and web app subscription.

My favorable 2016 digital marketing performance makes my 2015 homestead income pale in comparison.

Leading the digital marketing parade this year is my personal assistance service on strength of TonzaBorden dot com, which is up a whopping 100 percent.

That gain is helping to offset a serious drop in last year’s homestead income.

Meanwhile, my other core digital marketing income streams for finance/home/garden:

  • Food preservation
  • Frugal living
  • Survival preparedness categories, are mounting solid digit increases in PPC ads, as well.

TonzaBorden dot com led with an impressive 100 percent spike on strength of LinkedIn, which helps me to earn a hefty 100 percent gain, by exposure to affluent clients, recognition, and recommendations.


  • Rural lifestyle
  • Frugal living
  • Survival preparedness

Estate sale information/web app is close behind on strength of RuralMoney dot com and EstateSaleServiceAtlanta dot com.

Rural Money Saving Tip: Last week, I broke my laptop LCD by trying to attach a pop screen.

I screwed it on too tight, which I should not have been done anyway.

I was crushed!

Thank Google for Search and YouTube, which I discovered that buying a 6 foot, male to male, 15 pin VGA cable could allow me to keep using my laptop with my small digital TV as the monitor.

What would have cost $350-$500 only cost $17 bucks!

Overall, I had a great rural money year considering the hard work and mental effort I expended to achieve my goals.

I hope this rare income report shows you how actionable projects on your rural and urban homestead can increase your income.

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