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Rural Money Toolbox
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The Rural Money Toolbox Of The Best Tools I Use!

The Rural Money Toolbox is a resource page that you can use to find out about tools I use, and recommend to build your website business.

This page includes affiliate links to products and services I use and trust, so if you click and make a purchase, I will earn an affiliate commission.

It also includes links to relevant articles published on other web sites to solve any problems you have starting and operating a rural homestead as a business online in a rural area.

Tools And Tricks Of The Trade

Although I use different tools and platforms for various functions and web sites, they are all important resources to build and maintain

However, you could make a generous income by using one or more of them with dedication and determination.

As a consequence, many other homesteaders and bloggers are earning a nice income by using niche affiliate blogging.

Niche Affiliate Blogging Is An Important Income Stream

Having an affiliate marketing blog allows me the freedom to stay at home, work from home, and make money online—by helping others make money in rural areas and find income opportunities to create their own success experience.

As of November 2019, Rural Money’s State Of The State blogging income stream is in profit.

Warning: If you Stop posting well-written content on your blog, traffic and income will go down. It’s like the search engine gods punish you for not feeding them! Always remember that!

The best way to get around not being able to blog during illness or an emergency… is to “Schedule Posts” for one month, at least.

Check out my blogging tools and start using them to stat an online enterprise for your homesteading business.

After much trial and error, I have listed the best online resources for new bloggers.

Don’t just take my word for these being the most proven rural money tools, take action and try them for yourself.

The proof is in starting your own profitable and successful website/blog, right now!

Here is a list of tools and tips you need to get started and my secret hardware resources.

Computer And Accessories For Beginner Homepreneurs And Low-Income Persons

If you are new to homesteading or a low-income person without a computer and can prove low-income eligibility requirements, then this is an amazing resource for you to start of your online business.

This resource is ONLY for U.S. citizens who are low-income and can prove it. Refurbished Microsoft computers range from $100 minimum to $266 Max!

There is also affordable Internet service and a map to check availability in your area.

If you are interested in this special blogging resource click here.

If you have a small budget and are in need of a reliable computer to help start your business, this resource has a product assortment, which is both deep and wide.

With over 30,000 items in stock, they offer more information technology solutions than any other company.

They continually research their customers to ensure they are bringing to market the latest products you desire. In fact, they are the leading U.S. supplier for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

From novices to enthusiasts, their vast inventory has you covered so click here.

Website And Blog Template

DOWIB.COM — I recommend them for beginner bloggers like I was several years ago. You will see that their templates are basic, but professionally designed with all the features an affiliate marketer could ask for in an all-in-one package.

Note: There is a slight language barrier, but these guys are the best, in my opinion, in Singapore Silicon Valley.

They have kept alive to thrive since 2015. Use my link here.

SiteBuildIt! — Whether you are a first-time web business builder, retired or thinking about it, this is a unique system of step-by-step process, software, guidance and support. Use my link here.

Envato Market Themes aka Gator — Mobile friendly templates for every type of website.

Fully customizable and guaranteed to look beautiful on any device.

They have the right website template to bring your idea to life! used the Josephine template for a few years.

Start your site today for $2.69/mo.

Use my link here.

Envato Market Themes aka Gator have beautiful templates for:

eCommerce, Blog, Business, Portfolio, Technology.

Income Activator — Income Activator includes all the revenue software.
Other platforms upsell on the software they leave out.
And, their affiliate program can earn you a monthly income. Use my link here.

Domain Name — Cheap domain names and the most reliable service. Use my link here. — They are trusted by 20+ million customers around the world including Rural Money.

Website Hosting

DOWIB.COM — You will see that this is a professionally designed, high-quality website hosting service with all the features an affiliate marketer could ask for.

Hosting with them is affordable.

As your website matures, they would be happy to change the template and migrate your site so click here. — The best hosting for domains, WordPress including free SSL Certificate with their hosting plans.

I highly recommend Bluehost to novice bloggers and webmasters alike.

I use it to host an affiliate marketing blog that I designed for my daughter.

She and I love Bluehost! It also provides domain names. Use my link here. aka Envato Themes — This excellent hosting service is also a website builder and domains starting from $3.46. They offer free SSL Certificate with their hosting plans. Use my link here.

Freelancers — Everything you need to start and grow your business online or home based.

I hire Fiverr freelancers to create YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… channel banners and do other projects.

As a Very Important Doer (VID), I can’t say enough about Fiverr and have written articles about this amazing service.

Even multi-millionaires use Fiverr to save money!

I highly recommend it.

Use my link here.


Mail Chimp Free — The free package has all the basics for businesses just getting started.

Hello Bar Free — The Hello Bar is a customizable, relatively unobtrusive bar that sits at the top of a website and directs visitors with a call to action. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

YOAST Free — The free SEO service helps millions of web sites worldwide rank higher in search engines.

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