Rural Money Saving Resources: Get Every Dollar You Are Entitled To

Rural Money Saving Resources
Rural Money Saving Resources: Get Every Dollar You Are Entitled Too

Congress Says, “There Ain’t No Free Lunch”! #savingmoney #saving #ruralmoney #rural #money #ruralareas

Low to moderate-income rural Americans have been relying on rural money saving resources since the Great Depression.

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And still the need is great.

And, the demand for resources is competitive.

There has always been economic disparity in America, but the gap in rural America is widening.

Many states are facing insolvency and Georgia’s budget is in the red, which means all of the people applying for public assistance, won’t get it.

That is why hundreds of individuals are seeking free clinics and other rural money saving resources of affordable housing and food.

In the last decade, the process of getting assistance became increasingly difficult.

While some applicants are not discouraged, others have a very negative attitude about the steps necessary to get approval.

There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

That’s true because everything in America is paid for by its taxpaying citizens.

Moreover, it is impossible to get something for nothing unless you are here illegally.

For the rest of us, even the surrender of personal and sensitive information, in exchange for resources, is another price we have to pay for being in need.

You won’t find solutions to your problems by trying to find fault in the resource, or the people trying to help.

While you are complaining, 30,000+ people are already in line.

The competition for precious federal, state and local resources is fierce.

When free resources are announced to the public, community organizations become overwhelmed immediately.

Oftentimes, many individuals hear about resources second-hand so; they are not aware of the criteria necessary to apply.

If you did, you would know that you don’t qualify.

Yet, as the information is passed along, there is miscommunication, which causes many people to travel from cities and states to take advantage of the offering.

In many instances, qualification and approval is simply based on reduced income and family size.

In other cases, there is no guarantee you will receive a penny.

As financial resource budgets get smaller, the number of people served gets smaller.

Therefore, the access controls are modified to serve those with the greatest need.

To actually get approved and “see the money” requires a more thoughtful and patient approach.

Finding Rural Money Saving Resources Is Like Finding A Needle In A Haystack

When you own your own homestead, you are considered “not poor.”

“They” have the notion that your income is above what is needed for food and basic shelter.

The higher up the food chain you decide to apply for financial assistance, such as housing grants, etc., the more requirements you have to meet for credit and savings.

Applications for this type of assistance can be challenging over several months to a few years, but it’s worth it.

For example, the only thing that may be standing between you and home ownership, or a small business grant could be your attitude toward the process.

I am reminded of the Social Security Administration Plan for Achieving Self-Sufficiency (PASS).

This is a great federal resource for the disabled.

Believe me, I know that finding resources can feel like hope deferred, but you must not give up searching.

During my research about the PASS, I discovered that these funds lay dormant for over ten years without any applications.

It was obvious that the government wasn’t trying hard to inform the people who need it.

Nevertheless, that is not an excuse for anybody not to pursue what is available.

I even wrote a book about this little-known money saving resource.

What amazes me is the lack of enthusiasm about the program.

And, many other resources that are available for low to moderate-income individuals.

I guess individuals are afraid to submit to asking for help, or are too proud to take what is rightfully yours.

Maybe you don’t think that you deserve help when you’re laid off and your back is against the wall.

Or, do you think that searching for temporary resources is too hard or you can’t get it?

If you decide that you can’t do something before trying, you have lost out because of self-defeat.

As taxpayers in support of our government and society, that gives us access to resources and access rights to it!

If you do not get temporary resources to help feed your family, somebody else will get your share.

Congress does not leave any money on the table, forever.

For those who are determined to act on the resources made available, there is a chance for you to use this assistance to lessen the economic disparity gap, or at least enjoy a better life on less!

I have spent years researching most of the money saving resources that are on—because I needed them.

I did not have the luxury of a family support system.

My diminishing circumstances forced me to find resources or else.

I did not hesitate to think about the difficulties.

If you are facing unemployment and homelessness, then you have the same choice.

In the coming years, the need for money saving resources will increase exponentially.

With Georgia’s population exploding from immigration and migration, there will be less to offer and less awareness.

Therefore, it is imperative and urgent that reveal any available, yet dwindling resources, as well as provide direct-to-the-source contact information.

Local, state, federal and private financial assistance is still available throughout America.

However, some of it may not be there next week, next month, next year … or tomorrow.

For this reason, when you see a resource that you and your family need, ACT!

Because you can be certain that the ones arguing against socialism (grants, free money, etc.) are taking full advantage of it.

Who do you think are taking advantage of tax breaks, loopholes, subsidiaries, bailouts, free healthcare (not Obamacare), Social Security, and capital gains?

The wealthy class does not need all of these “resources,” but they make certain to get every dollar they are “entitled” to.

I learned a valuable lesson from a brilliant former employer, which is: The less you pay for a mortgage (HARP), get “free” money for a matching 401K, etc. is money in your pocket.

In short, get the rural money saving resources you need and every dollar you are entitled to!

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