Guide To Rural Money Making Ideas For Teens

Rural Money Making Ideas For Teens
Rural Money Making Ideas For Teens

Invest In Rural Teens To Become The Next Big Idea!

Investing in rural money making ideas for teens helps them to break out of poverty and create opportunities for their future and children.

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The Great Recession of 2007-2009 and the slow recovery have resulted in deep poverty in rural America, particularly among teenagers.

Parents investing in teens of rural communities to use their ‘natural talents’ to make money, helps them to avoid becoming at-risk youth.

In rural areas where prospects and resources are limited, investing in your young entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to start a micro business is an ‘alternative investment’, and source of startup funds.

Investing in your teenager’s aspiration means providing:

  • Computer literacy training
  • Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Domain name
  • Website/hosting
  • Professional technology development/coaching/prototype
  • Art supplies, etc.
  • Preparation to distribute product/service to the mass market.

Investing in your teenager’s innovative business ideas cannot be compared to investing in tangible assets such as stocks, bonds, cash, antiques, coins, or farm land and Real Estate that enhance and preserve wealth.

If parents just keep holding on to traditional investments instead of investing in your teenager’s innovative business ideas, you may see an increase in:

  • At-risk behaviors, evidenced by high rates of drug use and suicide. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, rural areas have the highest rate of drug abuse among teens.
  • Little opportunities for jobs continue to cause rural teenagers to be discouraged from investing in their rural community. Young adults who have specialized skills and knowledge with a college education will migrate out of their rural communities into larger cities for better opportunities and higher paying jobs.

This rural out-migration creates a lower return on investments, and discourages employers from providing higher wages/job training, resulting in the following worst case scenarios:

1. If your young adult lacks education or job that pays a livable wage, she/he will need financial assistance to live away from home or move back home.

2. Life happens and soon your grandchildren may be in your care, while their teenage parents try to make a living in low-paying jobs with no healthcare benefits.

Best scenario is to make your enterprising teenager an alternative investment, to get the right tools, resources and technical knowledge to produce an innovative product or service that many people need worldwide.

How To Recognize Entrepreneurial Potential In Teenagers?

As an alternative investment, ordinary young entrepreneurs have the potential to create extraordinary products, and contribute much to their families, rural communities and beyond.

Given the growing importance of entrepreneurship, there is a high value in being able to distinguish those who have innovative business ideas, entrepreneurial potential, and those who do not.

Against this background, the primary aim is to learn more about their innovative ideas like social media services/products, teen/adolescence romance, ethnic pop art fashion and inventions.

Target your teenager with an innovative business idea and entrepreneurial potential.

Imagine your teenage entrepreneur starting an innovative home based business as your alternative investment, and learn to become a mogul like Bill Gates.

For example, you recognize your teen’s innovative contemporary art talent, and even while in school, create contemporary or ‘street art’ fashion designs in the style of Salvadore Dali and Picasso.

Street art can express the rural lifestyle, social and political messages, and other artistic expression with spray paint, paint and markers.

You might be surprised to know that Facebook has an active and ongoing Artist in Residence Program.

It’s among the most innovative corporate art and artist programs anywhere.

Now in its second year, artists have become a regular fixture around the Facebook campus.

Rip-off the Facebook artist-in-residence program ideas to create a line of innovative pop art tote bags, T-shirts, caps, etc. to sell on CafePress.com and affiliate website.

Totes for teens are huge sellers on Amazon!

Call this niche “TotesForTeens.com” or “PopTotesForTeens” (Both domains available as of 11/9/16).

While identifying the creative talents and business personality of your teenager, make certain of their commitment to burn the midnight oil, seven days a week.

Review their ideas carefully, project bare bones startup expenses and potential earnings.

Invest in the business when you feel certain it has great return on investment.

It should if the product/service is something that the masses need or want.

8 Innovative Ideas For Rural Teens And Young Entrepreneurs

1. Social Media Banners

Create a website that helps social media users make their own “Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter … banner header.

Also, as a special service for those who want it done for them, create banners with images they provide and charge $29.95.

Think about it: Most people don’t know how to create an attractive and compelling banner that’s relevant to their page/channel, but they need and want one!

Basically, the only ways to get one is to pay a graphic artist on Fiverr, use a complicated web based banner maker, or make a hodge podge one yourself.

Let the website offer glamorous design choices in different sizes that fit each social media websites’ header.

Take the guess work out of it.

The money you make will not come from users, but advertisers of teen merchandise.

Believe me, this is a needful service and product!

Offer a social media banner design tutorial, “How To Upload Your Unique Banner Header On Your Social Media Page.”

Another idea is to create a website magazine with a blog.

The difficulty in doing this micro enterprise is virtually risk-free.

Think like Silicon Valley techies who constantly brainstorm and try new ideas.

The banner header is not a high-concept idea, but it does require some technical expertise so get a web page construction kit.

This brainchild is for a teen easily distracted in school, but tend to have specialized skills or natural talent in graphics design.

The fact that a teenager can create such a website is not a miracle.

I wrote this article for rural teens, but feel that adults can do such a website, which will serve the social media marketplace.~

Do you know that most teen romance authors are of the mature set, female and male?

2. Teen And Adolescence Romance

Why, because popular teen romance books are good reads, thus very lucrative.

Write and self-publish and publish eBooks and e-zine about teen fiction on love, romance, first love, relationship and friendship, for free on Amazon, Createspace and Kindle.

Or, start a teen love affiliate website/blog.

Get a domain name first such as “Teen Love Guru” or “TeenLoveAdvice.org” (both domains available as of 11/7/16) for an advice-style website by teens for teens and young entrepreneurs looking for love advice, because they’ve been there, done that, and hated it!

Get an affiliate website with a teenage love theme.

You can always upgrade a theme and add all the necessary plugins to enhance the site.

Ad space can easily be sold to other teen magazines and manufacturers of teen products to monetize the site after its first 100,000 page views.

Throw in dozens of full romance movies off YouTube to keep visitors engaged, and it’s one hot innovative business idea.~

3. Ethnic Pop Art Fashion

This is an old fashion trend that is just waiting to become new again.

When North American and European fashion designers and savvy trendsetters think pop art, it must be “gaudy!”

The brighter the colors, the more embroidery, pattern … in authentic, indigenous textiles, the better for blouses, jackets, shawls, belts and caps.

I love embroidery and some of the most beautiful I have ever seen is done in India and South America!

Western markets are looking for pretty, ethnic clothes, in pretty, ethnic textiles, from local artisans.

This is another hot market, because fashion is tightly woven with people’s image.

It is up to you to make ethnic embroidery with busy patterns and loud colors the “new” pop art style!

Supply and demand is created, so start those sewing machines and an ethnic fashion website/blog that sell one of a kind, hand made items such as blouses, jackets, shawls, belts and caps, that are easy to package and ship from a home based business.

Be the first to contact a major newspaper in the U.K. or U.S. about featuring innovative designs for their teenage audience.

Ethnic pop art fashion is BIG in Japan!

Consider calling the website “TeenEthnicWear.com” (domain available as of 11/8/16).

On the blog, write articles about “How To Make Ethnic Totes (etc.) For Fun And Profit,” and convert it into an eBook!

“Profit Is Your Payday™~

4. Straw Baler Attachment Invention

Every young man is an inventor in some way, but every time something is changed or modified from its original design, it’s an innovation that can become a profitable idea.

Pine straw is a blessing and a curse for property owners who have to rake it up.

There are red pine trees on my property that throw needles in the fall and blanket the landscaping and driveway.

Yet, I have to buy straw in the spring/summer to use in my landscaping, but in the fall, I want it gone.

Pine straw is not cheap, therefore, it is a valuable commodity for residential and commercial use.

Hand baling requires a lot of work I’m told, and I have seen different versions of the ‘box baler.’

‘Box baling’ is supposedly the simplest method, but most labor intensive of all pine straw baling methods.

Pine needles are placed in a small crate and compressed by a large lever.

The bale is completed when loose straw can no longer be compressed in the box.

At that time, the lever is held in place by a latch and the bale is hand tied with twine.

Prior to loading the box with straw, a loop of pre-cut and knotted string is placed in the box.

Typically, a nail or hook holds the string in place during the leading process.

Once knotted, the lever and box front are unlatched and the bale is removed and stacked.

The box baler can easily be transported to raked straw piles or to single trees, where straw can be loaded from the ground into the baler.

The benefits include low-cost, simple to operate, access to brushy and remote areas, ideal for small-scale/startup, protective of plants and vegetables.

The drawbacks include cumbersome, labor-intensive, inefficient, limited production.

The adage says, “There is nothing new under the sun,” but every time something is changed or modified from its original design, it’s an innovation that can become a profitable idea.

Envision inventing a welded design of a “Straw Baler Attachment” that can be attached to a self-propelled or riding mower sort of like a grass catcher bag.

The grass catcher bag on a self-propelled mower is about the same size as a box baler.

It vacuums the straw and compacts it until the bag is full.

When it’s emptied, the straw bale is ready to be tied up.

The straw needs to remain un-mulched so that has to be addressed to prevent it.

This idea is something many homeowners will buy because it would save time and money.

The box baler is a low-cost pine straw baler, but I don’t think many homeowners want to make one, when a mechanical device would do the job in a fraction of time.

Make a residential prototype, patent it, price it right – not $15,000.00, sell it on the web and to wholesale stores such as Walmart, etc.

When sales get to be more than you can supply from the garage, go on the ‘Shark Tank’ to get a venture capitalist that makes teenage millionaires!~

5. Pet Popup Trailer

We’ve all seen the portable popup trailers, but where are the travel trailers for pets to travel in style?

The trailers can be the same size as regular portable models, but outfitted for dogs and cats that pet owners want to take on the road in a separate compartment that’s spacious enough for them to care for or be with them.

There are times and places that make it inconvenient for taking pets along, but pet owners don’t want to leave them at home.

Some people don’t want pets in their home during extended visitations.

After the pets get used to traveling in the trailers, they may feel more comfortable staying in it.

Make them light and bright that a 6 cylinder can haul.

Or, convert small popup trailers into pet mobile homes and RV’s!~


6. Sod Survival House Building

Design and construct sod houses because their is a real demand for alternative, safe, earthen shelters to prepare for uncertain times.

Sod houses or prairie homes were built in an embankment with a sod roof that was often dry and subject to fires.

A sod survival house blends naturally into the environment.

They’re evergreen, cooler and have more options to build a garden roof for survival.

I love the idea of using a sod house with a garden roof as a means of survival and/or fallout shelter.

Innovation comes with making improvements to the sod house, and solving problems such as:

⦁ Keeping the roof waterproof that’s required to support diverse plants in all season climates, and prevent collapsing.

⦁ Keeping the house warm in the winter, which is a common problem.

⦁ Keeping snow from streaming into the house through every crevice.

⦁ Keeping the walls inside sealed to prevent fleas, rats, mice and snakes. Keep the snakes at bay and you will win the day with this idea!

⦁ Develop a sod roofing system that does not require nailing it to the roof structure, which causes puncture holes, rain water and vapor leaks.~

7. Affiliate Blog For Hot Hobbies And Ideas

The computer is like a digital pen when you start a micro niche affiliate website/blog about popular hobbies such as airplanes, space rocks etc., and ideas such as “MySisterIsGodzilla.com” and/or “MyBrotherIsGodzilla.com” (both domains available as of 11/8/16).

Make certain the site has five categories on the navigation bar, and convert them into a Kindle eBook, and showcase them on the site to sell even more!

This idea is smoking hot so grab it and take action!~

8. Root Cellar For Meat 🥩 Without Refrigeration

People are constantly online looking for ways to build root cellars, but the biggest problems are preserving meat and foods, in the south where the weather is unseasonably hot and humid.

People who hunt process a lot of fresh meat, and have several frozen meat lockers and freezers.

What happens when the power grid fails?

The root cellar can be a excellent backup refrigeration system.

The sod house can also use a root cellar.

In the south where there is a lot of humidity, it is difficult to keep fresh, dried and preserved foods without refrigeration, but it’s possible.

Borrow ideas from my article, “Build A Secret Root Cellar For Meat,” to build innovative, on-site root cellars as a full-time business.

Root cellars are the perfect survival solution for meat storage and many people are willing to pay for one.~

In conclusion parents with traditional investments need to make some of that money work by investing in the innovative business ideas of your rural teenagers.

Why not invest in a sure thing, a service or merchandise that the mass market really need.

A good innovative business idea is a good return on investment.

Investing in rural teenagers innovative business ideas is a fantastic alternative investment to help them break out of poverty, and create opportunities for their families and rural community.

If you’re the first to implement any of these innovative business ideas, don’t forget to give a shout out to RuralMoney.com.

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