Rural Money Making Idea With Lifebuoy Soap

Rural Money Making Idea With Lifebuoy Soap
Rural Money Making Idea With Lifebuoy Soap

Lifebuoy Brand Should Be Back On America’s Brand Wagon! #lifebuoysoap #makingmoney #ruralareas #ruralmoney #money

The rural money making idea with Lifebuoy soap goal is a proven success for 100 years providing affordable, hygiene and health solutions.

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­Moreover, it enables people to lead a life without fear of hygiene anxieties and health consequences, which is why it is still a viable product and should not be banned.

Rural Money Making Idea With Lifebuoy Soap Should Not Be Banned Anywhere

Lifebuoy was one of the most popular soaps in the United States from approximately 1923 to the mid-‘50s, when perfumed soaps took over the market.

It was the best selling medicated and health soap in North America until roughly 1951.

Lifebuoy is banned in the United States because it’s considered harmful to the skin.

However, there are many variants of Lifebuoy soap!

That’s why the rural money making idea with lifebuoy soap makes good sense and should re-introduced to the American market during the pandemic (hand-washing era).

At least lifebuoy is back in the UK.

They realize that for over 100 years, families around the world have trusted Lifebuoy to help keep germs at bay.

Now, with hygiene a greater priority than ever, the brand is back to where it started: The United Kingdom.

Case In Point: Back in 1894, Lifebuoy soap was created to help combat the disease and infection that ran rife in towns across Victorian England as a result of rapid urbanization.

At the time, a cholera epidemic prevailed and in Lifebuoy soap, Unilever founder William Lever provided an affordable, accessible way for communities to help protect themselves from the spread of disease.

The brand’s long-standing mission to raise awareness of the importance of using soap in handwashing was reinforced through advertising, on-pack messages and local campaigning.

And washing hands with Lifebuoy soap to help reduce the spread of germs was soon a habit for many.

Lifebuoy became not just one of the world’s first consumer brands, but also an agent of social change.

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It’s A Brand Trusted By Billions

Much has changed in the years since then.

The cholera pandemic passed, but in 1918 the Spanish flu followed.

Years later, so did SARS, the H1N1 flu, and now Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Lifebuoy has gone global and is now sold in over 50 countries.

It’s grown to become the world’s number one selling hygiene soap brand, and its campaigns to promote the power of handwashing with soap to help reduce the spread of germs have reached more than 1 billion people.

But that mission – to protect people by inspiring good handwashing habits – remains the same.

Over a century since its launch, Lifebuoy is still trusted by families all over the world.

And that’s why Lifebuoy has now come back to the UK, where it all started.

Lifebuoy Soap Is A Good Money Making Product For Rural Areas

Lifebuoy is the #1 selling soap in India and that’s over a billion reasons why it should still be in the U.S. market.

And India’s rural marketing and sales data bear it out.

Lifebuoy In India

⦁ Among the oldest brands of “Health and Hygiene” soap.
⦁ Crossed 100,000 tons consumption in a single year.
⦁ Relaunched in the year 2000.
⦁ Sells daily and has 600 million users annually.
⦁ 70% sales are from rural markets.

Product Depth Of Lifebuoy

  1. Lifebuoy Total: Follow old, “red soap” image.
  2. Lifebuoy Brand: Symbolize freshness.
  3. Lifebuoy Natural: Green soap resembling natural care.
  4. Lifebuoy Skin Care: For sensitive skin.

Innovation And Why Lifebuoy Is A Proven Rural Money Maker

Since 2000, major changes have been made to the classic Lifebuoy soap bar to ensure that it provides improved hygiene protection and a more enjoyable healthy washing experience for its billions of consumers such as:

⦁ Lifebuoy’s classic hard red brick shape has been replaced with a new signature Lifebuoy shape. The new shape makes the bar easier to grip and use.
⦁ The Lifebuoy team have developed a new formulation providing even better germ protection, which creates a rich lather on the skin.
⦁ Lifebuoy’s characteristic medicated, carbolic smell has been replaced with a more enjoyable and contemporary ‘health’ fragrance.
⦁ Lifebuoy has become more than just a red bar of soap. Today, the brand provides hygiene and health solutions for families, including a range of bar soaps, hand wash liquids and liquid shower gels.

The most recent Lifebuoy innovation addresses the number one skin hygiene and health concern for teens and tweens: Oily and acne prone skin.

Lifebuoy Clear Skin is a bar soap formulated using radical new technology that is clinically proven to reduce even severe acne, by 70% in 6 weeks.

Regular use, twice a day is proven to prevent and reduce the recurrence of acne.

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

At first thought, influencing more people to wash their hands may not seem like much, but in fact the potential for improving health and actually saving lives is tremendous.

Simple changes in everyday habits, like washing hands with soap and water before touching food and after going to the toilet, can halve the risk of contracting diarrheal diseases that claim the lives of over 3.5 million children each year, globally.

Now, let’s breakdown Lifebuoy’s market segmentation and targeting as a rural money making idea for you.

The target market for Lifebuoy is all rural households who can afford to buy soap, and who want to provide them and their family with a 100 percent antibacterial solution and complete protection from germs and bacteria, and cleanliness from dirt.

Lifebuoy believes that children are the potential agents for change in terms of imparting education on the importance of hand washing with soap that will enable them to adopt early habits in life.

Market Strategies

In these marketing strategies I will discuss the existing strategy of Lifebuoy along with some ideas to improve your product sales.

Market Scope Strategy

Although Unilever itself is a part of a multi-marketing strategy for Lifebuoy and its other products, their other anti-bacterial bath products are opportunities to sell multiple products.

Geographic Marketing Strategy

Geography has long been used as a strategic variable in shaping market strategy, hence rural areas.

History provides many examples of how businesses started locally and gradually expanded nationally and internationally as well.

An advantage for the rural marketer is that Unilever has an international marketing strategy for Lifebuoy that’s available in almost every continent of the world.

It is a worldwide brand of Unilever available in India, China, Indonesia, Cyprus, UK and Pakistan.

Market Entry Strategy

Lifebuoy is one of the oldest products of Unilever, which has more than 100 years of success.

Therefore, you can simply say that Lifebuoy is the first in the market and a trusted brand internationally; and in India it is the first of its kind of soap.

Market Commitment Strategy

Being the first in the market, Unilever has shown strong commitment with its brand of life time products, i.e. Lifebuoy.

And that commitment to its brand really fosters the growth of Unilever as well as its Lifebuoy brand.

Nevertheless, in spite of the many competitors to Lifebuoy in the recent decade, Unilever is showing a strong marketing commitment with new innovative products, and better marketing strategies.

In the present scenario of being back in the UK, Unilever is showing a rallying commitment to its brand of Lifebuoy, which has really put its brand back on its front foot.

Lifebuoy’s Repositioning Strategy

Lifebuoy soap is a very old brand of bath soap worldwide, not just in India.

It is an antibacterial soap and in the beginning it positioned itself on its antibacterial qualities.

Also, it gained a number of customers with this positioning, but then came competition with DETTOL (antiseptic) soap.

This put Lifebuoy out of the lime light, but it had to survive in market.

So what did it do?

Lifebuoy positioned itself on price.

It became the “low price antibacterial soap”.

This strategy boosted short-term sales, but it lost its brand value and credibility in the minds of customers.

Lifebuoy needed to reposition itself on quality rather than price.

Repositioning Campaign

The repositioning campaign of Lifebuoy was started at 2008, but it became more prominent and effective in 2009.

Lifebuoy along with advertisement has improved its quality and fragrance because most of its customer base had shifted away due to low quality and smell.

Today, Lifebuoy has improved its quality and is running an effective advertisement campaign to get customers attention.

The advertisement team of Lifebuoy came up with an excellent theme targeting parents, which is their target market.

The bottom line is this: Lifebuoy made very effective ads and it also used a “fear strategy”, which is effective in the case of antibacterial soap.

This enabled Lifebuoy to gain more customers.

Nowadays, Lifebuoy is BACK and every where on Television, Radio, Newspapers and Billboards.

Lifebuoy is running a huge campaign to promote itself, which is very necessary in terms of repositioning the brand.

With the help of its marketing department and strategic advertisement, Lifebuoy has successfully repositioned itself as a quality antibacterial soap with better fragrance and more durability.

Many companies try to reposition themselves when they see market trends shifting, but most fail to do so.

In the case of Lifebuoy, it has been successful.

The interesting thing about this campaign in terms of a rural money making idea with Lifebuoy soap is running the same campaign as done by Unilever.

With most rural areas having similar marketing segmentation as India, get on your front foot and start making money with this proven, old-school soap.

It’s easy.

Buy low in bulk or wholesale and sell online.

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