Rural Money Is Important: It Answers All Things

Rural Money Is Important
Rural Money Is Important: It Answers All Things

The World Will Pay You Exactly What You Bargain For!

Rural Money is important, it is not bad; and nothing will take the place of it in the area in which money works.

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Can you think of any place in your rural area where money doesn’t work?

Rural money is the harvest of your production.

It is the “profit” after all expenses have been paid.

The more money you can count, the more you produce.

Rural Money Is Important But Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Money doesn’t buy happiness, however, it buys a lot more happiness than poverty!

Money makes possible many of the good things in life.

Money is the only reward that is completely negotiable and can be used by everyone.

The amount of money you receive is in direct ratio to the demand for what you ‘do’, your ability to do it, and your difficulty of replacing it.

Your ability to see opportunities depends in large part upon how well you have prepared yourself.

If you want more money, take the time to qualify yourself for it.

The world will pay you exactly what you bargain for.

Your rewards will always be in exact proportion to your service.

You increase your income only as you increase your value.

Decide how much money you really want.

Then forget the money!

Concentrate on improving what you do until you grow to the size that will naturally earn the income you seek.

Most people never decide how much money they want to earn, save or put aside for retirement.

Set goals.

Write them down.

Chance doesn’t work.

Most people cut back on their wants to fit their income.

Then there are the free spirits that make their income fit their wants.

The quickest way to wealth is to augment your means and diminish your wants.

In your line of work, look at who is earning the amount of money you want to earn?

This gives you an idea of what you need to do.

It’s not the circumstances that count.

Rather, it’s the circumstances you make up your mind to achieve that are important.

The only limit on your income is you.

There’s nothing that can stand in the way of a plan backed by determination and persistence.

Find ways of increasing your service.

Bridge the gap between your present income and the income you desire.

Money, like happiness, is an effect.

The cause is valuable service.

Keep money in its proper place.

It is a servant.

At present, you may not know how you’re going to accomplish your goals.

The only important thing is to know what you want.


You become what you think about.

The cause must precede the effect or the effect cannot occur.

Here’s the most important point:  The world will pay you exactly what you bargain for.

Your rewards will always be in exact proportion to your service.

The real question about your financial destiny is the bargain you strike with life.


Life will pay you according to that for which you bargain.

Do you ask for a lot?

If so, you will get a lot.

Do you ask for a little?

If so, you will get a little.

Your mind of success will prompt you with all the ideas, insights, and opportunities to make the price you set and the amount of money you receive match.

Regardless of the amount, the world is certainly a big enough place to fulfill your demand.

“Success is not the result of making money; earning money is the result of success.” Earl Nightingale

Are you willing to grow the kind of person who delivers the kind of service that makes your dream a reality?

You will be the first to know.

Money isn’t everything in life. However, it’s right next to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ list.” Zig Ziglar

Nevertheless, rural money is important because it answers all things: shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, transportation, taxes, business startup …

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