Rural Money Homestead: Garden And Permaculture Food Forest

Rural Money Homestead
Rural Money Homestead: Garden And Permaculture Food Forest

Three Season Garden For Annual And Perennial Vegetables, Fruits And Flowers

Rural Money Homestead is a one-acre, quaint, rural homestead garden with a permaculture approach to offering simple ways to live better.

The Rural Money Homestead garden is evolving … with blueberries, vegetables, native flowering plants … habitat for wildlife such as deer, red foxes, rabbits, squirrels, turtles, an occasional wild hog, … various song birds … and a half acre wild food forest.

Mullein Plant

 Mullein was found growing by the rail tracks near the local Confederate cemetery, and was added into the garden because the leaves are medicinal.

The goal is to let plants bloom, set seed and scatter them around, which is their natural path.

The seeds will over winter and come out of the ground when it is warm enough, making my life easier.

Animals are the only helpers in this garden because they do the fertilizing and maintenance … squirrels, worms, song birds, honeybees and native bees, snakes, lizards, horned owl and frogs.

Health, taste, food security and heritage fruits are the primary considerations of this rural homestead garden.

Rural Money Homestead got its name from the flagship website

The house is a circa 1963 rural ranch, full brick, located in the northern corner of Palmetto’s historic district: Ā Ella Griffith Estates.