Rural Money Email Marketing Is The Secret Key To Success

Rural Money Email Marketing
Rural Money Email Marketing Is The Secret Key To Success

Your Rural Money Turn Key To Success Is Email Marketing!

There is money in the rural money email marketing list because that’s literally how to make tens of thousands of dollars per month.

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Actually, they say, “The money is in the list.”

Nevertheless, I searched for years to find out how the big boys and girls are making money online—only to discover sales through email.

For example, the online marketing secret is hidden in plain sight in simplest form, as you can seen in this image.

Internet Marketing Trend
Latest Internet Marketing Trend: Why You Must Have A Rural Niche

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this sooner since I was using this technique to help sell my main eBook.

In addition to over two dozen affiliates helping to promote my eBook.

Of course, I was responsible for the main thrust of promotion, but Affiliate Marketers work like ants to promote your product or service for a commission!

Internet Marketers shroud a glorified email sales technique in a cloak of magic and mystery.

Like you, I bought the hype because I thought it was something mysterious.

When I pulled back the veil, I discovered they were using smoke and mirrors to disguise their money making technique.

They would probably argue that they packaged, re-packaged or improved Email Marketing.

The Real Secret Behind Internet Marketers Success

Now, you know that the real so-called secret to their uber success is plain old email marketing, with a twist.

It doesn’t matter who you name that’s crushing it whether its Pat Flynn, Anik Singal, etc., they all use an email autoresponder (email marketing) connected to a sales funnel (affiliate marketing), which becomes Network Marketing.

Thus, the process becomes a circle of profit or click funnel.

Nevertheless, it’s brilliant and still works.

This is the gist of how the bulk of their income is generated.

Some of them create software, info products, courses and videos, but the lions share is in the list.

That is why they are always having launches!

How I Know Rural Money Is In The List

I remember when I launched my eBook Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success (afflink) and a subsequent hard back.

Before the launch, I posted a short blurb on my estate sale blog announcing its release in a few months.

The immediate response was overwhelming!

Frankly, I was shocked and stoked that there was so much interest in my forthcoming eBook.

What was my secret sauce?

Without the Email Marketing model, you can’t generate multiple sales in one transaction online.

Fortunately for me, I was sailing in the direction of the Estate Sale Marketing wind, with all channels open.

My research revealed that there was a huge void in the Estate Sale Market, so I promoted myself as an authority, which I am.

That is not to say there were no other estate sale info products available, but what was on the market wasn’t widely publicized, and the authors were virtually unknown.

That is what I took advantage of.

As a result, consumers were chomping at the bit to get my info product.

However, I was still writing and editing it.

Their demand PUT A RUSH ON ME, which is a good problem to have!

As soon as I listed my eBook on ClickBank, affiliates jumped on it!

It was an amazing experience and ride.

That was my most successful and profitable eBook and book.

I promoted and sold it on every free self-publishing website available.

Notice I said PROMOTED and SOLD.

Those two words denote TAKING ACTION.

I knew I had a winner, but I didn’t realize how big.

Had I not taken action on the Estate Sale Market data, I would have missed an opportunity to play in the Internet Marketing game to learn, earn, rinse and repeat.

Basically, that is what you must do to win in any hot market.

Keys To The Email Marketing Kingdom

Now, it’s time to show you the money—how I did it!

I could lie and say first I built a list, but I didn’t.

However, after I saw how smoothly the launch was going, I quickly started building a list.

It was part of the process to give away something free (of value) as sort of an ethical bribe to get the email, so I created another product.

In exchange, I offered this product (already available online) that I improved with my knowledge, skills, abilities and opportunities, which equals VALUE.

After customizing a simple estate sale contract, I gave it away and still do!

When the list took off and started building on its own, I decided to sell the same contract across the web for $10, and a longer, in-depth contract for $25.

The eBook sold for $25 and $47 on multiple online book store platforms and in major bookstores, worldwide.

My decision to create an email list was the single most compounding effect on sales.

Because I chose to offer a free incentive that many people in the profession need, my email list exploded (and continues to grow).

Not only that, estate sale and estate liquidation professionals became members on my site, and bought other products and services such as website and hosting packages—everything was converting like textbook.

Before I knew it, I was building multiple lists—even on the blog.

Literally, everyone wanted a contract.

It is also interesting to note that my eBook and blog was written for BEGINNERS!

Yet, all of sudden, a professional writer on contacted me for an interview, and purchased some of my books for their annual conference.

I was convinced that I was clicking on all cylinders when I began to see my work (what I was doing and saying on my blog) copied elsewhere.

Now, when I search those keywords, I see my ideas and inspiration everywhere.

Are you starting to see how powerful Email Marketing is when used in conjunction with other Internet Marketing strategies?

I just shared with you how I KNOW that rural money is in the email list when combined with Affiliate Marketing.

In summary, build a following with helpful content, which builds a relationship, while building an email list simultaneously.

Then, promote things they may need for their niche, passion, hobby, business and/or drive.

Learn the evolution of email marketing.

It Is Your And My Time Now

I can’t make this any plainer, simpler or easier.

Now is the time for you to stop searching the Internet and take action to make money in your rural area.

Can I tell you something else?

At times, since I started this blog, it seemed like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

Well, the truth is, technically, I was confused at times.

  1. I was not familiar with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), so I had a steep learning curve.
  2. I have a sound site concept because rural money (personal finance) is my forte; but I didn’t have my categories nailed down before I started blogging.
  3. My long learning curve got steeper because I had to catch up from a three-year technology hiatus—then I was stuck in 2.0.

The web is like a spider and it won’t stop spinning just because you took a break.

It continues to evolve, change and grow, without you, but you will be left behind.

I used to think SEO and Internet Marketing were so easy.

Co-workers taught me SEO and basic code in the mid 1990s when I worked at an international bank.

They tried to explain Google Adsense, but I was overwhelmed trying to learn the basics of creating a website.

I knew just enough to build my confidence.

When the time came to build serious income producing websites, I created my successful estate sale blog in no time flat.

Prior to that, I built other successful sites that I struggled with because I was determined to learn the CMS.

As the administrator or webmaster, you need to understand how the CMS operates.

Those early, super sophisticated systems were built to make money 24/7, but they were cost and labor intensive.

The two sites I will never forget are and

They were both off the chain with relevant content, back links, SEO, promotions and my own ad sales.

Unfortunately, I did not jump on the email bandwagon with them—I was too busy learning and implementing other features on the fly.

I’m not sharing this to brag, I’m sharing my background information to inspire you.

I’ve been in the Internet Marketing game a long time, got out, pursued other offline interests, and came back.

Would I leave it again?

Hell no!

It’s too difficult now.

Google isn’t the only social platform with algorithms and restrictions!

They’ve upped the ante and are trying to push the small guy out IF THEY AREN’T PLAYING BIG!


There is plenty of money online and offline and I am still proving it in my quiet way by homesteading as a business.

When YouTube slapped small creators I was pissed because it hurt my Adsense revenue.

So, what did I do about it?

First, I removed Adsense from my homepage, which is my premium website Real Estate.

Then, I laid YouTube to the side until I was ready to promote something.

That was then!

Now I realize you can do both.

All of YouTube’s grapes aren’t sour because I learned a lot about its viewership demographics, etc.

YouTube is like a huge, hungry beast that has to be fed different types of content on a regular schedule.

It other words, its viewers have a voracious appetite, especially since YouTube Slapped Small Creators.

These are viewers coming from all social media networks, worldwide, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Many of them are affluent and watching for entertainment, but a huge segment are looking for income opportunities.

When I started my channel, most of my viewers were predominantly men (like on this blog).

Now, women are dominating viewership everywhere!

And, yes, they are hungry to start a business and/or make extra money.

Why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this because you have, and have had access to Rural Money’s posts for over six years, including direct contact with me.

My contact door is still open, but the busier I get, the longer you will have to wait for a response (it’s only me).

These days, I have a new publishing agenda.

I am writing and RESERVING the “real money” posts for people on my list who are HUNGRY and ready to take action!

Even this post has real money value because it contains the secret that’s been under your nose ever since it was created, buried in a book or tutorial.

Yet, you have been searching and searching and haven’t made one dollar online.

Let’s Work Together To Make Some Rural Money

Many of you are faithful viewers and subscribers of

That lets me know you are hungry, too, and I don’t take you for granted.

I want to help you find the rural money success that you are searching for.

But, I have a favor to ask you so that we can enter into a reciprocal relationship.

I will help you and you will help me, OK?

Subscribe to my blog, and you will be signing up for more insider secrets like you are reading—just as or more valuable.

For those of you who already have a home business idea and/or trying to make your first dollar, sign up now!

Those of you who don’t, you can still sign up and get inspired so you won’t be left behind.

Every year, I renew my commitment to this blog and its readership.

Therefore, I am committed to helping you launch out into the deep (the Internet) or in your local rural area with rural money email marketing.

Personally, I am launching close to home and I recommend you join me—if you’re serious about making money.

Since I don’t believe in leaving money on the table, let’s do both by making rural money online and local.

Listen, I know everybody around the world wants to make money in the U.S. market, many are, and many more are trying, including its citizens.

Unfortunately, I also know what happens in a scenario like this.

You’re contributing to a boon market that will eventually burst.

And, you will be left holding an empty bag.

Take it from me, I made a boat load of money in the last Real Estate boon.

I know when to hold them, fold them and walk away—and I did not lose one red cent!

Fast forward , my six sense and crystal ball tells me where the fish are biting, and I’m not throwing any back!

If you want to learn from me and fish with me, then sign up and I promise to teach you what I know, then it’s up to you to become a success.

Fair enough?

I can’t promise you a fantastic voyage, but if you take action and start small, in at least one of the opportunities I present to you, you just might have a good catch.

More importantly, you were offered a rural money email marketing lesson to learn what it takes to earn some real rural money to help take care of yourself and your family.

Use my simple, online and Fillable Homestead As A Business Planner to start organizing your rural online and/or homebased business for less than a Starbuck’s coffee.

Start Your business today for $5