Rural Money Boom Turning To Bust For Homesteaders

Rural Money Boom
Rural Money Boom Turning To Bust For Homesteaders

Look Within For Creative Solutions To Your Personal Finance Shortfall

The rural money boom is fading and the recession seem to be coming back for low-income rural homesteaders, but it’s not the time to despair.

Rural homesteaders and elderly need ways to improve their situation without going on food stamps and/or welfare such as:

Literacy programs that help people get high school equivalency diplomas, because education is the first step to something better;

Property tax rebates via homestead exemption;

Affordable broadband in isolated areas for access to free online training;

Access to benefits to supplement their budget, because many don’t have health insurance, and cannot afford it.

The fact is, there are mounting concerns about global recession and how to promote ‘strong, sustainable, inclusive, job-rich and more balanced global growth for rural homesteaders.’

In local rural homesteads, the concern is no less daunting, therefore, each low-income homesteader need to think of creative solutions to personal finance shortfalls.

It also means getting back to emergency preparedness to weather current and future harsh economic times.

It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built The Ark

It’s time to build an ark filled with everything you and your family need to stave off hunger, keep warm, and keep the bill collectors at bay.

If your homestead is not earning enough money, have you tried any new marketing?

Have you tried anything new this year?

Is there an area that you can add to or improve upon?

Look at any online/local marketing campaigns or strategies that you’ve been utilizing so far.

Try spending more time on what you know is working and alter or eliminate what is not.

Do research and study new marketing methods that you can try.

Now is not the time to cry and scream, because it won’t help.

Every rural homesteader has “grit” — what it takes to make it!

If your homestead is new and you want to start earning money, then make an assessment of the resources you have on hand.

You’ll find a cottage industry waiting to be birthed, and all the tools and supplies you need.

And, when you need more supplies, barter for them with friends, etc.

Rural homesteaders are the descendants of early pioneers and trail blazers.

You have what it takes to make it in your genes.

If it mean growing food, hunting, fishing… with handmade tools, that’s what WE DO!

We are “can do” people, not wimps!

By using your two hands, you can supplement your fixed income or create a lucrative income.

Whether your income is a social security check or a 9 to 5 paycheck, it’s fixed, and it’s up to you to unfix it!

You may be saying that your rural town never had a boom to bust.

Well, think about this: Your town, city, state and country have the same economic concerns as you, just on a larger scale.

They’re looking for ways to cut their budget and eliminate programs and services, i.e. food stamps and welfare, so don’t look to them for help.

If you don’t start looking within for creative solutions to your personal budget shortfall, you will be like a dog chasing it’s tail (seeking local assistance).